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5 Reasons Life Coaches Use Virtual Assistants

Life Coaches who need the help of a virtual assistant.

Are you a life coach trying to build your business? Like all entrepreneurs, you have many responsibilities on your shoulders with limited time available in your day. How can you free up some of your time so you can focus on your clients? Here are 5 reasons many life coaches should consider hiring a virtual assistant!

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What Can You Do When Your Team Calls In Sick?

Business Owner Is Burnt Out From Working Extra Hours Without the Help of a Great Team due to Calling in Sick

Have you ever noticed how the world stops when some people get sick? If it takes them a week to get back on their feet, so be it. Their energy is focused on the 4-6 hour intervals of medicine, rest, and chicken soup. However, small business owners don’t have the luxury to call in sick without the help of a great team.

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How To Establish Successful Working Guidelines With Your Virtual Assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant can be a rewarding experience for you and your VA. However, to avoid frustration on both ends of the relationship, some patterns of communication and expectations need to be established. The sooner you establish successful working guidelines in your relationship, the smoother and more beneficial the relationship will be.

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Four Practical Tips To Stay On Task

Metaphor of target and goal achievement for productive work. Time management and development concept

We live in a world simultaneously full of endless tasks and distractions. You can start one task, only to remember another higher priority task which leads to another yet another set of tasks that need to be completed. Eventually, you can end up feeling like Doug, the talking dog in the Pixar movie Up, who keeps stopping mid-sentence because he thinks he sees a squirrel. So what do we do when “chasing our tails” leaves us cranky and unproductive? Here are four practical tips to stay on task:

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Why You Need A Virtual Assistant For Bookkeeping

Shows a Virtual Assistant working on Bookkeeping tasks.

There is one fact the is true in every kind of business out there: You must manage your money to be successful. However, it takes a particular type of person to have a passion for numbers. If your particular passion doesn’t include allocating expenses, then you should read more to see how hiring a virtual assistant for your bookkeeping is more effective.

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Does Your Business Need Help With Social Media?

Help with Social media management concept flat vector illustration. Female cartoon character holding megaphone standing in smartphone screen and attracting male customer during social media advertising campaign

When owning a business, social media scheduling and posting can feel like a daunting task to add to your list. You want the benefits of social media marketing but also need to meet your business’s goals within your available time. So when is it time to get some help and what can you expect when you outsource your social media?

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