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ContemporaryVA Case Study: Solutions for International Business

PROBLEM: One business owner, “P.K.”, found that the internet removed many barriers for his Bangladesh-based business: He was able to gain access to a larger range of buyers and vendors, and he established a toll-free number and email address to deliver top-notch service. P.K.’s business grew!

However, there were three challenges that P.K. faced:

  • While gaining access to a larger potential buyer base was good, staying on top of the increased customer attention by checking email and voicemail turned out to be extremely time consuming for P.K.
  • The language barrier proved to be a problem, since English was not his first language but many of his clients expected flawless English when they wanted to interact.
  • Additionally, timezone issues became a challenge as many US-based clients wished to conduct business during their business hours while P.K. lived and worked nearly half-way around the world.

P.K. knew that he had a good business offering a good product; he just needed help.

SOLUTION: P.K. decided to hire a virtual assistant and outsource his customer service. ContemporaryVA provided the solution to address P.K.’s growing challenges.

  • ContemporaryVA eliminated the backlog of customer service issues and check the voicemail five times each day, returning calls promptly to give customer the service and attention they require.
  • ContemporaryVA installed an online customer service chat program, which they manage from 9AM to 9PM EST, so P.K.’s customers get the assistance they need, when they need it.
  • And, become ContemporaryVA is US-based, the language barrier issue was eliminated for the majority of P.K.’s customers.

RESULT: P.K.’s business grew as a result!

  • P.K.’s prospects and customers were happier because their questions were answered in a timely fashion, and there were no more language barrier misunderstandings.
  • P.K. even saved money because he no longer needs to make expensive long distance calls.
  • Most importantly, P.K.’s time was freed up from dealing with repetitive, time-consuming customer service issues to be able to focus on other areas of his business.
  • P.K.’s sales have increased 36% since ContemporaryVA began handling his customer service issues.

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Posted on August 17th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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