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ContemporaryVA Case Study: Solutions for Time Management and Marketing

PROBLEM: One freelancer, “A.H.”, wanted to take his successful consulting business “to the next level”. He was finding that he couldn’t break through to achieve the goals he wanted to reach. He had two challenges that were influential factors in holding him back:

  • Time management: He had too much administrative work to do, which was cutting into his revenue-generating time. This was creating customer service challenges as he spent a lot of time on “paperwork” instead of meeting his customer’s needs.
  • Marketing: He had good marketing systems in place but was having difficulty setting aside time to implement them. He was busy but he knew he needed to continue marketing if he was going to maintain success and advance his business.

SOLUTION: A.H. hired ContemporaryVA and they provided a skilled virtual assistant to help.

  • They started by clearing out his backlog of administrative to-do’s then they began proactively managing a number of his administrative duties, freeing him up to focus on his consulting work.
  • They implemented his marketing system for him. He was entirely “hands-off” on the marketing; he would just respond to prospects who had special questions or who wanted to become customers.

RESULT: A.H. reports that his business has surpassed a number of goals as a direct result of ContemporaryVA:

  • Within 2 weeks of working with A.H., his administrative backlog was cleared up – a project that would have taken him a month or more.
  • Within 1 month of implementing his marketing system, the customers generated from ContemporaryVA’s marketing effort started rolling in and the month that followed was the busiest month in A.H.’s 15 years of business.
  • A.H. was able to increase his rates because of the higher level of focus he was able to provide to his customers and, at the same time, he was able to increase the number of revenue-generating hours he has in any given day because his administrative and marketing efforts are handed off to someone else.
  • He spends approximately $200 per month on a virtual assistant and earns several times that amount as a result of the newly freed-up time.
  • A.H. reports that he has several plans he’s putting in place over the next few months to add additional products and services to his business
Posted on August 25th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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