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What To Look For In A Virtual Assistant

You’re busy, very busy.  You need some help, some backup, some sleep, some relaxation.  I can’t help with the sleep (well not directly) but here’s an idea.  Hire an assistant – a virtual assistant.  All the benefits of an in-office employee without paying in-office prices.  No overhead, no insurance, no office equipment, but your work is completed.

So you know the pros of a virtual assistant, now how do you find the virtual pro?  First off, you’ll need to identify your needs, wants, and requirements.  Once you establish your priorities you can begin to narrow your search.  Most importantly, you need to be able to trust your VA.  He or she is not going to be directly supervised and you need to feel comfortable with his or her abilities.   Make sure to take the time to research the background qualifications and to talk personally with your applicants.

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ContemporaryVA Case Study: Solutions for Market Research & Analysis

PROBLEM: An entrepreneur, “C.J.”, runs a successful online gaming company that wanted to expand their market reach into internet cafes throughout Asia. The goal was to grow the business and to provide business opportunities to the internet cafes.

  • Before they were willing to pursue this opportunity, C.J. and his company needed to know how the Asian internet cafes would respond to the concept of online gaming.

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Contemporary Virtual Assistance has Your Back!

If you say you can do something, you better have the training time to back it up and the records to prove that you are qualified in those specific areas of operations. Contemporary VA is honest, upfront and able to handle and do what they say they can. Some Virtual Assistants want you to think they can move heaven and earth to give you what you want. But let’s be logical here. Know the kind of professional you really need and be realistic in your expectations. If CVA say’s they can do it, then you can bet they can and have the trained personnel to back up that promise.

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Heard You’re Looking to Hire A Virtual Assistant…

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Contemporary Virtual Assistants, and a little birdy told us you’re in the market for someone just like us.

Yes, there are other companies you could hire, but why? Don’t you want what is best for your business? Just think of all the free time you will have doing something besides work. Mmmmm. Tempting, isn’t it? With Contemporary VA, you can be assured the tasks you hire us to do will be done efficiently and accurately.  Our close knit team stays in constant contact with each other and utilizes everyone’s full potential and dedication. Our team also stays in close contact with you, our boss, to keep the lines of communication wide open so you can get on out there and enjoy life, knowing your business is doing its thing while you play.

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ContemporaryVA Case Study: Solutions for Increased Workload

PROBLEM: Business owner “J.L.” runs a public relations and marketing services company that serves large multinational and fast-growing companies. They specialize in strategic planning and professional project management across diverse markets. Their scope of work includes strategic planning and research, graphic design and corporate identity, media relations, direct and interactive marketing, and corporate communications counseling.

J.L.’s workload, unfortunately, had grown exponentially and he was buried in administrative tasks that took him away from his core duties.

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ContemporaryVA Case Study: Solutions for Client Management

PROBLEM: One medical facility was experiencing revenue and productivity loss due to patients who were failing to keep their scheduled appointments. Because many of these patients did not call and cancel their appointments in advance, the facility was left with open time slots on their calendar when patients failed to show up.

  • The office staff was already busy with their day-today operations and unable to take on the additional task of calling all patients to provide appointment reminders. This would allow scheduled patients to make cancellations and give the staff time to fill the slots with other patients.

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