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If you say you can do something, you better have the training time to back it up and the records to prove that you are qualified in those specific areas of operations. Contemporary VA is honest, upfront and able to handle and do what they say they can. Some Virtual Assistants want you to think they can move heaven and earth to give you what you want. But let’s be logical here. Know the kind of professional you really need and be realistic in your expectations. If CVA say’s they can do it, then you can bet they can and have the trained personnel to back up that promise.

CVA has always been committed to their customer service. So much so, that their customer service is backed up with their 100% service guarantee, ensuring you are completely satisfied with the work performed. With so many trained virtual assistants, your project manager is sure to find the perfect assistant to fit your needs. This offers a huge advantage over hiring a freelance virtual assistant. If you add something to your business model that person is unfamiliar with, what do you do? Hire a second virtual assistant? Do it yourself? Then why hire a virtual assistant in the first place? At CVA, you never need to answer these questions. You will always have a back up assistant just waiting to jump in and help you reach the goal and create the vision you want.

CVA can provide you with communication, stability, and administration solutions that other companies may not. CVA’s main goal is to provide high-quality virtual assistant services to clients worldwide. They are not state or country specific, like other companies.  When it comes to their clients there is no limit to who they can help. CVA assists clients with all their administrative needs in a cost effective, timely and professional manner. They strive to be better than other companies when it comes to flexibility and affordability by offering three levels of service packages.

A freelance virtual assistant does not have a general manager to monitor all their logged time and assure that their client’s project is being worked on daily. CVA has this management staff in place to guarantee their clients are top priority at all times. Clients never get charged for extra time that was not spent directly on their business. CVA also offers their clients that choose one of their retainer packages, free of charge, a fully trained back-up assistant and maintains an operations manual specific to that customer’s business. A client’s management issues are now a thing of the past. CVA understands that problems may arise with any staff member. To set themselves apart, a project manager is provided to deal with any issues, for you. Freelance virtual assistants cannot provide this additional assistance for their clients. Where else are you going to find that kind of dedication?

CVA takes their client’s privacy seriously by providing a confidentiality clause as part of their service agreements. They accept full responsibility for all work they perform. CVA is courteous, friendly, helpful, and prompt in the attention they give to each of their clients, potential or existing. With CVA, clients receive only expert assistance from professionals who are trained and dedicated to helping you grow your business by providing back office support, allowing you to focus on the big picture.

Feel confident in your choice to use Contemporary Virtual Assistance for all your business needs. CVA is proud to work consistently to get their clients the best turnaround time possible. CVA gives you the personalized attention and support that you deserve. Join the growing list of satisfied CVA clients today!

Posted on September 23rd, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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