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ContemporaryVA Case Study: Solutions for Increased Workload

PROBLEM: Business owner “J.L.” runs a public relations and marketing services company that serves large multinational and fast-growing companies. They specialize in strategic planning and professional project management across diverse markets. Their scope of work includes strategic planning and research, graphic design and corporate identity, media relations, direct and interactive marketing, and corporate communications counseling.

J.L.’s workload, unfortunately, had grown exponentially and he was buried in administrative tasks that took him away from his core duties.

SOLUTION: J.L. hired ContemporaryVA and they provided him with a skilled virtual assistant to take on some of his duties.

  • The virtual assistant performed internet research to locate marketing experts from all over the world and from a broad range of industries.
  • J.L’s virtual assistant was also tasked to work with clients by providing support in account management, including weekly reporting assistance and document editing and formatting.

RESULT: J.L. no longer spends hours preparing reports, editing and formatting documents, and conducting online research because his virtual assistant does it for him.

  • Now, J.L. is able to focus on his business and spend more time with his accounts and he has been able to reallocate some of his resources so that he can concentrate on the core business.
Posted on September 21st, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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