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Heard You’re Looking to Hire A Virtual Assistant…

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Contemporary Virtual Assistants, and a little birdy told us you’re in the market for someone just like us.

Yes, there are other companies you could hire, but why? Don’t you want what is best for your business? Just think of all the free time you will have doing something besides work. Mmmmm. Tempting, isn’t it? With Contemporary VA, you can be assured the tasks you hire us to do will be done efficiently and accurately.  Our close knit team stays in constant contact with each other and utilizes everyone’s full potential and dedication. Our team also stays in close contact with you, our boss, to keep the lines of communication wide open so you can get on out there and enjoy life, knowing your business is doing its thing while you play.

We offer ongoing training in all the latest developments available to virtual assistants to keep us lean and productive. All time worked on your assignment is logged with specific notes to help keep you updated on our progress.  Feedback from our clients is always welcome, and necessary, as it helps us better address your specific needs. We understand the necessities of the business world that can sometimes become so time consuming and exhausting. Somebody has to do it though. Aren’t you lucky there are folks like us that like to do that sort of thing?

We like to create relationships with our clients; the kind that last. We aren’t your simple run of the mill “order takers”.  Sure, anyone can read or hear what it is you want, and give you the bare minimum of dedication to the task. We respect the responsibility our clients have placed on us and our ultimate goal is to do everything we can to nurture and tend to the relationships we create. Often times, our one time, one task assignment for our clients, becomes an ongoing working relationship based on your needs and the many services we offer. Our goal is to help you expand your client base and financial gain. Ever changing circumstances and events constantly affect the ebb and flow of daily operations. Our team strives to recognize the ebb and flow which allows us to better assist you on that ever changing ride. It won’t be long before work related stress is no longer an issue for you. We are here to identify the headaches and then keep them away.  Quality work, dedicated staff and unbeatable service standards are just a key stroke or telephone call away. Don’t you have something better to do? Get out there and do it—we got your stuff covered.

Posted on September 21st, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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