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Cost Effectiveness of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

There are very few businesses that are unaffected by the recent economic downturn.  And there aren’t any businesses who don’t want to save money, even in the best of economic times.  Employers rely on their office support to make them money; however, there often isn’t enough work or money available to justify hiring an in-house employee.  A Virtual Assistant is the answer.

An employee who works remotely has enormous benefits for any employer.  There is no cost to the employer for office equipment.  A Virtual Assistant has his or her own office, software, equipment, paper — the list goes on.  Health insurance, Worker’s Compensation and taxes are a big chunk of money spent on office support – not necessary for a Virtual Assistant.

Add up the amount of money spent on paid vacation days, paid holidays, sick days, and personal days.  Think about how many times an employee needs part of the day off, but you pay for the whole day.  How often do you pay for the rundown of last night’s television programming around the water cooler or coffee pot?  The dollars are alarming.  Again, none of this is required for a Virtual Assistant.  Imagine how that money could be spent on other business related items or, better yet, how that money could be saved.

Obviously office politics and clashing personalities are not a problem when working with a Virtual Assistant.  I, personally, have never met a Virtual Assistant I didn’t like so I can’t imagine this being a problem.  Just imagine, no long discussions about where to go to lunch, no bad hair days, and no sick employees infecting everyone.  Wow, hiring a Virtual Assistant could actually protect you from the Flu.  Tamiflu has nothing on the health benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Everyone wants to save money without skimping on the important things.  The right Virtual Assistant can not only save you money, but can promote your business.  At CVA you are matched both professionally and personally with the “right” Virtual Assistant.  Your business needs are matched to the skills of the VA and your personalities are matched, as well, to make a perfect team.  You need the right employee who can focus on doing the things that let you save money and focus on your most important investments — you, your family, and your business.

Posted on October 1st, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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