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Even in this virtual world, employers are sometimes leery of hiring a Virtual Assistant.  Three problems that employers fear in the industry today are the Virtual Assistant taking a vacation, quitting, or needing to be micromanaged.  Hiring Contemporary Virtual Assistance – a Virtual Assistant Company – for your administrative needs will eliminate these issues.

At Contemporary Virtual Assistance, you gain the proper VA for your needs but he or she is backed by a team.  Should your Virtual Assistant take a vacation day (or week), a back-up is ready.  The back-up VA is versed in your business and day to day operations and can step in at a moment’s notice without missing a beat.  Likewise, if your Virtual Assistant should decide to no longer remain in the workforce, the backup is ready to take over.  A manual is created for every retainer client.  All aspects of the business and the tasks are organized in an easy to follow manual for the client, the Virtual Assistant, the backup Virtual Assistant, and any of the team members.  Each backup is trained by the Virtual Assistant and knows your day to day operations as thoroughly as your VA.  Nothing is left to chance at Contemporary Virtual Assistance.

When hiring someone to virtually “take care” of business, an employer does not want to have to micromanage; however, there may be an instance when another set of eyes is necessary for perfection.  At Contemporary Virtual Assistance, each VA has a Project Manager.  The Project Manager is in constant contact with the VA and backup VA.  He or she is available for any questions or issues that may arise.  Fully engaged in the client’s business, the Project Manager is on hand for advice, suggestions, and assistance.  All issues that the Virtual Assistant (or client) may have fully involve the project manager.  

Contemporary Virtual Assistance appreciates the needs and wants of today’s employers.  Hiring the CVA team proactively eliminates the problems of hiring “just one” person to attend to business. CVA prides itself on producing value for its clients and keeping them satisified.  Our focus is to leave you feeling secure, happy, and successful.  We, as a team, make your success our primary concern.  Sign up with CVA today and experience the Contemporary VA difference.

Posted on October 8th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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