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Going the Extra Mile

Anticipating the needs of a client is one of the many things that makes a Virtual Assistant indispensable.  At Contemporary Virtual Assistance, not only is this a prerequisite for contracting with a Virtual Assistant, it is fostered through meetings and training.  The VAs are encouraged to constantly analyze the current needs of the client and the direction of the business.  Envisioning the future of the business and recognizing the means to get to that vision is a skill in which the VAs of CVA take pride.

The Virtual Assistants make it a mission to establish a trust-based relationship with their clients.  This relationship is based on learning about the client and his or her business.  The goal is to get to know someone well enough to anticipate their next move or even suggest a move that will lead to business growth.  The Contemporary Virtual Assistance VAs are encouraged to go above and beyond the stated tasks.  Do more for the person that has placed his or her trust in you with his or her livelihood.

CVA is set up apart from the other firms for many reasons.  One being the desire of the VAs to “go the extra mile” for their clients.  Showing up every day is not enough.  Contemporary Virtual Assistance is not happy with just keeping your business running, it is motivated to help it grow and bloom in any economy.  Your success leads to our success, this is a joint venture.  A VA invests time in getting to know you and your business.  When someone invests time and energy in something, they are certainly not going to let it “get away”.  We are not going to spend time building a relationship if we do not have the intention of putting our “all” into it.

At CVA we invest time in you as you have invested in us.  Our goals are your goals.  Because of the team relationship that we promote within CVA and with our clients, we are focused on learning all we can to make your business a success.  We study the industry, the competition, mimic the pros in the field, and investigate ideas to incorporate into your (and our) everyday activities.  Constantly researching, investigating, learning, and doing allows us the opportunity to anticipate what is going to happen next.  Having that information; obviously, directs our next movements.  We want to “head things off at the pass” for you.  You have enough to worry about and other things on which you need to focus.  Our goals are your goals and we take initiative so we can celebrate with you when they are reached.

Posted on October 17th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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