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Have you ever noticed the inner workings of a brick and mortar business?  The cubicles, the neon lights, the noise, sometimes, even the morale?  Of course this is a big generalization; however, it certainly fits in many of today’s offices.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a private office, warm lights, little distraction, and be happy where you are?  Sounds great to me.  Actually it sounds great if I were an employer as well.  I would want my employees to be comfortable, happy, and productive.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant from Contemporary Virtual Assistance will allow you to have a happy, productive employee.  We VAs work from our own private offices, sometimes home offices.  Who wouldn’t be comfortable and happy in their own home?  A Virtual Assistant will clock the time that he or she actually is physically working on a task.  No paying for bathroom breaks, personal phone calls, water cooler visits, snack breaks, or chit chats with other employees.  Talk about cost-effective!

No more late arrivals due to traffic, leaving early for a kid’s soccer game, not coming in because of a sneeze that may infect everyone, or taking the day off because of snow.  No excuses by a VA.  Most of us are working from home where it is warm and dry and the only cars in our way are hot wheels.  If we are not physically performing a task for you, you are not paying.  If we have to leave for an hour or two or more, you don’t pay us for the day.  There is no such thing as putting out money for a personal, sick, or vacation day.  You pay for time worked.  Period.

Virtual Assistants are doing what they love in a place they love.  Dedication, efficiency, and consistency have brought the VAs to this very point in their careers.  A VA is too focused and successful to not dedicate fully his or her time and effort to his or her clients.  It seems that few people are able to say that they truly love what they do.  They go to a job, that’s it.  A Contemporary Virtual Assistance VA takes pride in his or her work and is excited and happy to be able to do what they love everyday in a place where they feel comfortable, calm, and productive.

Posted on October 22nd, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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