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Virtual Assistant Firm vs. Job Sites

Once you have made the decision to employ the services of a Virtual Assistant (VA), you are then faced with the choice of whether to go through a VA firm or search job sites for a viable candidate.  What are the benefits of using a VA firm as opposed to one of the many job sites?  The following information will highlight the advantage of utilizing the services of a VA firm over the numerous job sites on the internet.

The Search Stops Here:  A VA Firm has already gone through the interview process and has selected the best professionals in every area.  You are saved the hassle of sifting through, perhaps, hundreds of resumes and conducting time-consuming interviews and reference checks to narrow down the possible candidates for the project.   You can relax knowing that you already have the best person for the job.

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Experience the Contemporary VA Difference

Even in this virtual world, employers are sometimes leery of hiring a Virtual Assistant.  Three problems that employers fear in the industry today are the Virtual Assistant taking a vacation, quitting, or needing to be micromanaged.  Hiring Contemporary Virtual Assistance – a Virtual Assistant Company – for your administrative needs will eliminate these issues.

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Incorporating Virtual Assistants into a Traditional Office

As a business owner you are comfortable with the daily routine of your traditional office.  You know the intricacies of your workplace and can see the friendly faces of your employees in every cubicle or behind each desk.  Everything around you is tangible and you can go right to an employee when something is needed.  What happens when you decide to use the services of a Virtual Assistant?  How does that impact your traditional office and how will you need to adjust to working with a Virtual Assistant?  These are good questions and the answers can help you make the transition easily.

Robyn is the president of an online publishing software company.  Robyn found herself faced with these questions when she made the switch from working at a newspaper and being involved with that process on a daily basis to operating the software company.  Robyn was used to the daily interaction with other employees and discovered that there are some adjustments to working in the virtual world.  Robyn shares three helpful tips when making this addition to your company.

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Virtual Paradise

The beauty and uniqueness of Contemporary Virtual Assistance is that owner, Heather Villa, has focused on one thing at a time.  Starting as an outsourced accounting firm, she grew the corporation into a virtual paradise.  Companies sought out the benefits of remote accounting professionals to handle financial aspects of their business.  As they grew more and more impressed with their virtual accounting professionals, decision makers were asking for additional virtual help.  Heather, as she has always strived to do, respected and met the needs of her customers by bringing in Virtual Assistants to accommodate the administrative needs of her customers.

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Curing the VA/Client Relationship “Blahs”

Ah, there seems to come a time in every relationship where you hit that “stale” period.  You struggle to find things to do.  You don’t feel appreciated or needed.  I’m not talking about your love life, I’m talking about the VA/client relationship!

Yes, that’s right…just like any other relationship, your working relationship can suffer from apathy and complacency.  Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur who has employed the services of a VA but you REALLY haven’t put her skills to use for you?  Do you suffer from a fear of delegating tasks?

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Cost Effectiveness of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

There are very few businesses that are unaffected by the recent economic downturn.  And there aren’t any businesses who don’t want to save money, even in the best of economic times.  Employers rely on their office support to make them money; however, there often isn’t enough work or money available to justify hiring an in-house employee.  A Virtual Assistant is the answer.

An employee who works remotely has enormous benefits for any employer.  There is no cost to the employer for office equipment.  A Virtual Assistant has his or her own office, software, equipment, paper — the list goes on.  Health insurance, Worker’s Compensation and taxes are a big chunk of money spent on office support – not necessary for a Virtual Assistant.

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