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The beauty and uniqueness of Contemporary Virtual Assistance is that owner, Heather Villa, has focused on one thing at a time.  Starting as an outsourced accounting firm, she grew the corporation into a virtual paradise.  Companies sought out the benefits of remote accounting professionals to handle financial aspects of their business.  As they grew more and more impressed with their virtual accounting professionals, decision makers were asking for additional virtual help.  Heather, as she has always strived to do, respected and met the needs of her customers by bringing in Virtual Assistants to accommodate the administrative needs of her customers.

This sector of business began to blossom as well.  Branching out is smarter than overextending; thus, Contemporary Virtual Assistance was born.  Now niches had been created to serve all of the clients’ needs.  Like Henry Ford, and many other successful business pioneers, our owner has surrounded herself with intelligent, creative people whose goals are to satisfy customers and adapt with their changing needs.  The varied specialties of the Virtual Assistants, and the ability to work with and teach each other, is what distinguishes CVA from other virtual firms.  The training that is provided on the newest software and latest technology has put Contemporary Virtual Assistance in high demand.

Contemporary Virtual Assistance offers an entire company whose focus is on you.  As a retainer client, you are offered the benefit of a one-on-one relationship with a Virtual Assistant who is backed by a team of supportive, trained professionals all working to make your goals come to fruition.  Your Virtual Assistant has a trained back-up that is fully versed in your business so he or she can accomodate you should your assigned Virtual Assistant be away or unavailable.

Our mission, as Heather Villa’s has always been, is to serve our clients while helping them grow their business.  We form a team within CVA and with our clients to lead you to your goals of success.  Contemporary Virtual Assistance is a winning team that is focused on your ballgame.  All of us work together to bring you the success for which you have been striving.  We enjoy the growth, the challenge, and the opportunity to serve your needs and the needs of your company.  We, Contemporary Virtual Assistance, are at your service.

Posted on October 6th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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