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What to look for in a Virtual Assistant

When you are considering the possibility of hiring a Virtual Assistant, you need to contemplate what exactly you are looking for.  What are the skills that you need?  What experience and even more importantly, what qualities are you looking for?  While the needs for every business owner will vary, here are a few things to consider when searching for a Virtual Assistant.

Experience:  This should be one of the main considerations when looking at a potential candidate.  You need to determine how much experience he or she has working from home.  It is imperative that you insist on and check references.  Be sure that the experience listed is what you are looking for.  A candidate may have substantial experience in word processing but if you’re looking for assistance in bookkeeping, then you probably need to consider someone else.
Integrity:  This trait is particularly important if your Assistant will be dealing with confidential information.  Again, reference checks are invaluable and a background check should be considered when client confidentiality is important.

Professionalism:  While this is always important in the business world, it’s probably even more so when you are relying on someone you may never personally meet. If your Virtual Assistant will be dealing with clients via the phone or email, it is imperative that they are able to conduct themselves in a professional manner. How do they conduct themselves on the phone?  Do they have a pleasant speaking voice and use proper grammar?  A thorough interview as well as a writing assessment can help you make this determination.

Technical Skills:  A Virtual Assistant needs to have all of the software, hardware and technical abilities that are required for the task at hand.  Do not assume that just because the candidate applied for the position that he or she has all of the necessary equipment to do the job effectively.

Initiative:  When considering a candidate, it’s a good idea to see how assertive he or she is.  Is the candidate a self-starter?  Do they think “outside the box” or are they timid and need a lot of guidance?  You will want to ask how they handle obstacles or difficulties in completing a task and how they manage their time when working from home.

A lot of characteristics make up an excellent Virtual Assistant and trying to find the candidate that is just right for your business can be a tricky one.  You can make the task of finding the right VA an easy one by contacting ContemporaryVA today and letting them handle that for you.

Posted on October 14th, 2009 by Team CVA

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