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You have heard the phrase, “team of well-trained professionals“.  This is an excellent way to describe the Virtual Assistants at Contemporary Virtual Assistance.  The Virtual Assistants that provide services for the clients of Contemporary VA are educated, experienced, skilled Administrative Assistants.  All are versed in working remotely for clients via phone, fax, and email.The benefit of a Contemporary Virtual Assistance VA is that the learning and training never stop.  Continuous training sessions are provided by the company at; obviously, no cost to the client.  This is an added bonus for not only the client, but for the Virtual Assistant eager to hone his or her skills.  It is also an opportunity to branch into different areas that only contribute to the wide knowledgebase of each VA.  Not only are training sessions scheduled by our project manager, but we are asked what we would like to learn.  We all are able to tell our project manager what we need to learn or “brush up” on and a training session is scheduled. 

The team at CVA is ever researching the latest sites, applications, software, and the tools used in implementing them.  These tools are then presented to the Virtual Assistants in a training session.  The workplace, remote or otherwise, is always changing.  Constant education of the VAs in the latest advances, along with refresher courses, is what keeps Contemporary Virtual Assistance above the “virtual” crowd.

The Contemporary Virtual Assistance VA is always eager to learn and be more valuable to the client and the virtual world.  The VAs enjoy the benefit of having training sessions; yet, the VAs also are resourceful and venture to learn all that is available.  Tutorials of applications saturate the web and the VAs take full advantage of the vast material at their fingertips.  They do not wait to always be taught, they take initiative.  That initiative does not stop with learning, it translates into business development for his or her client.

Markets fluctuate, businesses evolve and needs change.  The goal of Contemporary Virtual Assistance is to anticipate these changes and educate its team to better serve the client.  The resources available to the Virtual Assistants are numerous and varied and help the VA grow which helps the client’s business grow.  Ever changing and ever learning – knowledge truly is power.

Posted on October 14th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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