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I am pretty busy.  Everyone is pretty busy, especially at this time of year.  I have places to be and things to do – period.  I know it sounds rather impatient, even humbug-like; however, it’s true.  I need to get in and out, search, find, and buy, and get the heck on my way.  That being said, I need people to get to the point.  Tell me what you have to say, let me weigh the pros and cons, and let me make my decision.  There – done.

So let me break this down for you.  Facts only and straight to the point.  The world of Virtual Assisting is on the rise – and I’ll tell you why.  No sugar coating, no B.S., just the truth.  The economy stinks right now; although, we are being told the recession is “over”.  (I’ll believe it when I see it.)  Anyway, times are tough and jobs are scarce.  Not only are they hard to find, but many are being eliminated.  This doesn’t mean there isn’t still work to be done.  You still need help, but can’t afford to keep (or hire) in-office assistance.

This is the time to take a stand.  Make a decision that is beneficial to you and your business.  Hire a Virtual Assistant who has their own equipment and whom you pay ONLY for the actual work that they do.  Don’t keep paying for nothing.  Invest in somebody who is invested in you.  Invest in your business.  You want to see results – here you go.  You hire a Contemporary Virtual Assistance VA, you will only spend money on results – nothing else.  No fluff, no wasted time, no training, no “does this look okay, how do you need me to do it, what I am supposed to do here?”  We already know how to do things, we can offer you assistance.  You don’t need to waste time telling us, showing us, patting our little hands.  A VA is already trained in how to do things and how to think “bigger” for you.  We take the initiative and use our talents to do the “extras” that will make you money.

You need to delegate – not train, not hand-hold, not check and re-check work.  You need to be able to hand off to a trusted assistant and know that your tasks will be accomplished.  You need to know that your VA is not only going to “do what you’ve asked”, but tell you where you need to go next and then go there.  I have stated time and again, our goal is your goal.  We will do whatever it takes to reach that goal.  You have to let us help you.  You don’t have time to dilly dally on your tasks, nor do you have time to listen to me drone on about the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

You WILL save money, you WILL make money.  We are professionals who have seen it all, heard it all, and done it all.  We are ready to go the extra mile to take care of business.  We have worked in ALL industries.  We do what you ask and then go and do what you haven’t thought of – that’s why we are working from the comfort of our homes on our own time.  We are effective and we are able to bring you success.

We take on your professional and personal tasks.  We prepare your powerpoint presentations, we market (and sell) your products, we answer your emails, we write your articles and newsletters, we do AP/AR, we do your taxes, we order flowers for your daughter’s dance recital and pizza for your son’s soccer party.  You need it done – we do it.  Just the facts, ma’am or sir.  Now take this information and do what you do best – make a business-changing, business accelerating decision.  Hire a Virtual Assistant from Contemporary Virtual Assistance.  You’ve heard the benefits, I’ve given you the information.  Now get in touch with CVA, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Posted on November 29th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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