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Indispensable Relationships

Recently I had a conversation with a manager at a local company.  He mentioned his assistant and how indispensable she is.  I asked, “why?”  He said, “she knows more about what I do than anyone else and she’s a self-starter.  She knows what has to be accomplished on any given day and she accomplishes it.  We make a good team because we can almost read each other’s minds and I like her personally.”  What a terrific relationship to have.

At Contemporary Virtual Assistance, the Virtual Assistants strive to be indispensable to their clients.  Whatever that takes, we strive to be indispensable.  We take the time to learn about you and your business.  What makes you tick, what are your needs and wants, on what do you want us to focus, how do you want to make your business grow, what direction are you going, what are your strengths and weaknesses and how can we take the reins?  Our goal is to make your business excel by taking on your tasks and, even, introducing other means for business success.

We do not stop at finishing an assignment, we are always investigating new ideas and techniques that will bring you and your business into the spotlight.  We become a team focused on your success.  When you trust someone, you feel at ease – comfortable.  At CVA, you are matched with an assistant who, not only is specialized in your business needs, but with whom you feel a comfortable connection.  A business relationship IS a personal relationship.  It is based on communication, trust, confidence, loyalty, dedication, and a shared interest.

The best teams are those that not only tolerate each other in a business setting, but who get along personally.  The same goals, values, ideas, and ideals allow people to work well together.  That’s not to say that each member shouldn’t bring different strengths to the table.  Each of us needs to focus on our strengths to make the team, as a unit, stronger.   You and your VA bring your strong points together to reach the desired business goals.

Your Virtual Assistant needs to be indispensable.  You have to find the person that can make you feel comfortable promoting you and your business.  You have to know that your VA is able to work independently accomplishing the things you’ve asked, as well as, some things you have not even considered.  A VA is more than a task handler, a VA is business partner whose main concern is your success.  Now THAT is a terrific relationship to have.

Posted on November 23rd, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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