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Please Don’t Say “Think Outside the Box”

“Think outside the box” is, in my opinion, the most cliche, overused, annoying term in the business world.  Don’t misunderstand, I grasp the concept – I just can’t stand hearing the term over and over again.  Really, if you are thinking outside the box, can’t you think of any other terms to express the idea?  Why not think outside the box and consult a thesaurus?

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Money Well Spent

Recently a local company let go of several valued employees due to lack of work.  All were hard working and dedicated but there just wasn’t enough work.  One of two administrative assistants was released.  The remaining assistant is now overworked and overwhelmed.  The company could neither justify nor afford two full-time assistants, but now they are swamped, behind, and feeling the pain of the loss.

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