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The Four Day Work Week

One of the latest ideas in the business world, especially in this economic climate, is the four day work week.  Be more productive in less time.  In theory, it’s a good idea; however,  there are drawbacks.  Not everyone wants to work four days for 10 hours, they prefer five days and some time (actual awake time) at home.  Some people already put in 10 or more hours per day and still work five days per week.  Mind you, there are many pros to this idea as well.

Imagine if you did work, say, eight hours per day, including lunch.  You are actually working for seven hours.  Would you throw in one or two more if you knew that day five was all your own.  You could focus on your family, fun, hobbies, even other business growth if that’s what suits you.  Even if you do work 10 hours per day, five days a week, imagine your productivity knowing that you had to “get it all finished” in four days.  Wouldn’t it be worth it?  Wouldn’t you put more into the 10 hours just to have the extra time?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant from Contemporary Virtual Assistance is similar to the four day work week.  Productivity soars while you gain more time to focus on building your business or to focus on yourself and your family.  While your Virtual Assistant takes over all the day to day tasks, and big projects, you can relax – like it was day five.

Virtual Assistants are able to accept the challenges of accomplishing a five day in week in, literally, hours.  We, as VAs, are bred to dedicate our time to the betterment of our clients’ business.  Our whole focus, now that we have achieved the opportunity to work remotely doing what we love, is to gain control over that which you will relinquish so that you can enjoy your day off – your week – your life.

We have worked hard to get to this point in our careers and understand the time, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to run a successful business.  We also know the toll it takes on one’s family to achieve our goals.  Why do we work so hard for you so you can have time to do what you do best or be with whom you love most?  Because we have been there.  We have worked the hours and have attained our dream of using our skills to get us to work from our private office or our private home.

We want to give you what we have – freedom.  We want you to be able to focus on your strengths and grow your business, we want you to be able to have more time with your friends and family, we want you to have what we have worked hard to get.  We want you to have a four day work week with just a few hours of work per day.  Give the Virtual Assistants from Contemporary Virtual Assistance the opportunity to do what they do best – take care of you and give you the free time that you deserve.

Posted on November 25th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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