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Resolution Time Again

This year’s resolutions for me are pretty much the same ones that I make every year.  It seems that I am not just promising to continue with the old, I never accomplished the goals in the first place.  So I’ll try again this year.  I always believe that this year is different.  It is a fresh start and I am ready to follow through.  No excuses, lots of willpower and determination.  So….we’ll see.

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I Need Another “Me”

I used to joke with my husband that I needed a “wife”.  I; obviously don’t really want a wife; however someone who does all the things that I do would be really nice.  I’d love to have someone to do the laundry, someone to do the cleaning, someone to run errands.  I like to cook so I’d keep that for myself.  I could actually make much nicer meals and spend more time in the kitchen doing what I love if someone else were doing all the “other stuff”.  I’d love to pick and choose what I want to do and have help with the other stuff.  Thus, that is not the life of a wife.  No picking and choosing – just doing.

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Santa’s Elves

I have been asked many questions this season about Santa.  How can he get to everybody’s house in one night?  Why are there so many santas at the store and ringing bells outside the doors?  They aren’t the “real” santa.  How do all the toys get made at the North Pole?  Can we still have a fire on Christmas Eve?  How can he be watching us all the time?  My answer: Elves.

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Put All Your Eggs In One Inexpensive Basket

While speaking to a “big wig” at a local company, I asked what his administrative assistant provided him and what he wished she could provide.  He was pretty happy with all the things that she provided and couldn’t really think of things that she might be able to do to make life easier for him.

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Listen Like Thieves

Listening truly is a skill.  Not everyone; unfortunately, has mastered that skill and some have no desire to try.  It is tremendously frustrating when you feel that you have not been heard.  It is even worse when you must continually repeat yourself to the non-listener.  Why bother?

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One Click Is All It Takes

Recently the television and the worldwide web have been inundated with advertisements using taglines such as, “click and you’ve got it, click and it’s done, click and it’s delivered right to your doorstep”.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, companies are promoting the ease of using the web to complete ordering, shopping, payments, etc. by clicking once.  It’s a good campaign.  Everyone is looking for the convenience of accomplishing things quickly.

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