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Listen Like Thieves

Listening truly is a skill.  Not everyone; unfortunately, has mastered that skill and some have no desire to try.  It is tremendously frustrating when you feel that you have not been heard.  It is even worse when you must continually repeat yourself to the non-listener.  Why bother?

Listening is an integral part of communication. We have all heard why we have one mouth and two ears?  We should be listening twice as much as we talk.  Good idea.  I’m sure you know at least one person whom you would prefer to have three ears and no… – well, I digress.  Anyone who has read Dale Carnegie understands the importance of listening to others, asking them questions, and being interested in them and what they say.  You could never really say a word and come out smelling like a rose and being “that person” with whom they want to associate.  All because you listened.  Really, it CAN be that easy.  Try it.

We all want to win friends or business.  It is absolutely imperative to listen to what your customers, employees, and bosses say. At least it is if you want to stay in business.  At Contemporary Virtual Assistance, we listen to you and we hear what you need, what you want, and how you’d like to have it. The Virtual Assistants are completely eager and open to listening to your ideas, needs, wants, future plans, regrets, failed attempts, and many successes.

We want to learn what has and has not worked for you, what you would like to accomplish, why, and how, and what you want to avoid.  We want to hear what you need from us.  We will give you what you want and we will offer other ideas to drive your business to the heights you are striving to achieve.  We are open eared, open eyed, and open minded.  Your VA is your sounding board, your voice of reason, your imagination, and your dream weaver.  We do not have limitations.  We believe that if you dream it, we can reach it.  We have ideas that you may not have even thought of just yet.

As a team, we at Contemporary Virtual Assistance, work with you to find out what your goals are and then we brainstorm as to how we can achieve them.  We listen to what you are saying and, sometimes more importantly, what you are NOT saying.  Our goals truly are your goals.  We cannot achieve those goals if we do not hear, listen, and understand you.

You will feel that you have been heard, you will experience open-ended communication that allows you to trust us.  Most importantly, you will see your desired results.  You will know, with every project, every task, every detail that we not only heard you, we listened to you.  The communication is paramount in a trusted working relationship.  We will open our mouths often enough, but not when we should be opening our ears.

We will communicate, cooperate, collaborate, compromise, and consistently listen to you.  This listening skill, like all of our skills, is constantly in practice.  We want to work as a team, build trust, and make you happy.  Do we want to influence you and win your trust?  Absolutely – no sugar coating.  We want to be “that person” in your life with whom you want to associate and we want to come out smelling like roses while listening like thieves.

Posted on December 17th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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