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Put All Your Eggs In One Inexpensive Basket

While speaking to a “big wig” at a local company, I asked what his administrative assistant provided him and what he wished she could provide.  He was pretty happy with all the things that she provided and couldn’t really think of things that she might be able to do to make life easier for him.

Hmmmmm, I said to myself.  There must be some things that he would like to have her be able to do.  So I pushed.  Well, what does she do that makes your life easier?  He told me that she; obviously, answers the phone, manages his calendar, makes copies, schedules meetings, handles travel arrangements, and acts as a liaison among bosses, peers, and reports.

Again, I pushed.  What are other tasks that you have to handle or that you have to outsource?  He really thought about this. His face became distorted and he lost his smile.  He said he has a consultant that tells him how to speak, write, and market.  He has an accountant that takes care of taxes,  accounting, billing, and accounts receivable and accounts payable.  On that same note, he has someone that takes care of collections.

He has someone who does marketing, someone who does graphic design, someone who does data entry, someone who does writing, editing, and proofing, someone who does database management, someone who does PHP development and website maintenance, someone who does budgeting of time, money, and future plans.

Wow.  Wow.  Really, wow.  That’s a lot of people  hired to make your business run smoothly and make your business grow.  I said, “wouldn’t it be great to have one person do this for you?”  He laughed and said, “yeah, but; unfortunately, that magical person does not exist, if he or she did, I wouldn’t be spending all this money on all these people.”

I explained that hiring a Virtual Assistant from Contemporary Virtual Assistance would afford him the benefit of one person who can accomplish all of these tasks.  You can hire one person for one small fee who can be your administrative assistant, accountant, graphic designer, marketer, collections agent, data entry professional, writer, proofreader, editor, PHP developer, website developer, and all-around guru. One fee for several assistants and business developers.  Sounds pretty great.

There is no need, in this economy, to waste money.  If there is someone out there who can handle all of your needs for a small fee, you would be foolish not to take advantage of that.  My husband always says to pay properly the first time.  Don’t pay for bad work, don’t pay for work that will have to be re-done in a year.  Pay for good work – well done. Hiring a Virtual Assistant from Contemporary Virtual Assistance is paying for good work well done.  Keep your work in the dependable two hands of a VA from Contemporary VA.  You have heard about “too many cooks spoiling the broth.”  Let Contemporary VA be your chef!

Posted on December 19th, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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