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Resolution Time Again

This year’s resolutions for me are pretty much the same ones that I make every year.  It seems that I am not just promising to continue with the old, I never accomplished the goals in the first place.  So I’ll try again this year.  I always believe that this year is different.  It is a fresh start and I am ready to follow through.  No excuses, lots of willpower and determination.  So….we’ll see.

I plan (truly plan) to make positive changes that will lead me to my goals.  I can’t just say that I am going to be organized and not make the changes to get organized.  I cannot just tell myself that I am going to exercise more and not go to the gym, take a walk, or turn on the wii fit.  I resolve to make changes to lead me to my goals.  That is my resolution – make changes.  Small or large, change is change and I am going to focus on that.

Positive changes bring positive results, right?  So, again….we’ll see.  I believe that if we all make small changes to get us closer to our goals and dreams, we’ll make it.  Perhaps we should all focus on small, attainable changes rather than a huge, difficult life altering change.

Maybe instead of resolving to end every month in the black and with all tasks completed by Fridays at 2:00 pm, you could make a small change to get you closer to that goal.  A Virtual Assistant can be a positive change in your organization that will lead you to these goals.  Contemporary Virtual Assistance should be your New Year’s Resolution this year.  Resolve to make a positive change by hiring a positive force that will lead you to your goals.

Make this year different.  Focus on the small changes that can bring you great results.  Pay attention, not to what you want, but how to get it.  Serve yourself well by setting a goal of “getting help” to reach your goals.  Your goals are much more attainable if you focus on how to reach them and the changes that you will launch you toward them.  Focus on the changes to make your goals.  Focus on CVA.

Posted on December 31st, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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