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Satisfaction = Motivation = Productivity

A recent article by Craig Nathanson on discussed the balance between just making money and making work enjoyable.  Mr. Nathanson makes a great point that employees who find joy in their work are more willing to make suggestions, be creative, and help to improve business.  The employees were more motivated when enjoying their work, rather than just being plied with money, incentives, and other rewards.

This brought about his next point that offering rewards often pitted employees against each other to reach that almighty prize.  Now you have competition for a tangible award, rather than collaboration for a unified goal.  The article continued with many other points that would behoove any manager (and employee) to read and take note.

This article made me think about the world of Virtual Assistance.  Most Virtual Assistants work from the comfort of their own homes while raising children, taking care of their households, and completely managing their own schedules.  So many of us have done everything possible to get to this point in our careers.  We have achieved the dream.  We are happy, motivated, and productive.  Sounds like we must be pretty efficient and willing to help improve your business.

Some of the other points that Mr. Nathanson addresses are: offer employees education to help themselves find motivation, match employees to the right work, provide opportunities for self-assessment, risk-taking, and group collaboration, and have management assess the changing times and make improvements.

All of these ideas led me back to Contemporary Virtual Assistance.  Here we are given constant training – much of which has been suggested by us, the VAs.  We always have the opportunity to learn which is exciting for us because we have new skills to hone, practice, and perfect so that we can better serve our clients.  We do not want to serve blindly – that benefits no one.  We are going to make sure that we are experts at programs, software, etc. before we offer it to you.  This also leads into being matched to the right work.  Your VA will be specifically matched to you according to your needs and the Virtual Assistant’s skills. This needs to be a team effort for complete success.

As far as group collaboration and management – there is no question that the management at CVA is always searching the ever-changing world of business and re-evaluating what does and does not work.  This re-evaluation consists of searching the best avenues for business, the newest trends, the clients’ growing needs and the offerings and skill sets of the VAs.  We are encouraged to work as a team to better CVA, as well as, benefit our clients.  As a team, we can come together to focus on your business and discuss the possibilities for growth.

Motivation really does come from satisfaction and happiness.  As Virtual Assistants, we truly are “living the dream” and we are managed and supported by those who are living the dream as well.  We are happy, satisfied, productive, effective employees who are focused on you.  Motivation comes in many forms, none stronger than self-motivation.  Self-motivation is ignited by your own desire.  We, as CVA Virtual Assistants, are fired up because we have attained the level for which we have strived.  We are doing what we love – with the people who support us – for the clients with whom we have formed a partnership.  We have reached the goal, taken the prize, and found our niche.  Now our satisfaction leads us, as Mr. Nathanson stated, to improve your business.

Posted on December 3rd, 2009 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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