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Don’t Feel Good? Too Bad.

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Have you ever noticed how when some people get sick, the world stops? All their energy is focused on the 4-6 hour intervals of medicine dosing, rest, hot baths, herbal tea and chicken soup. If it takes them a week to get back on their feet, so be it.

In my travels, I have observed the two groups of people that are without the luxury of taking as much time as needed to feel better. Moms and business owners.

Frankly, this is just not fair.

When someone in the family gets sick, who tends to them?
The Mom.

When an employee gets sick, who tells them to stay home and feel better soon?
The Boss.

While that employee is sick at home, who covers their workplace responsibilities?
The Boss.

Who ends up catching whatever the family member has because she tended to the sicko?
But takes over a month to get better because her world doesn’t stop?
The Mom.

Who ends up run down and susceptible to illness because they are doing the work of several?
The Boss.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Something is extremely wrong with this picture.

I’m afraid I can’t suggest anything to change the dynamics in the home place, but I do have a suggestion to help with the dynamics in the workplace.

As a boss, one of the daily aggravations of being the boss, is wondering who might be calling off that day, and how much shuffling of the staff is going to be necessary to fill the void. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your employees would never call in sick, or tired or whatever the reason may be? That’s right, NEVER.

If your staff is the reliable, skilled team at Contemporary Virtual Assistant, you never have to worry about picking up the slack of an absent employee. Whatever responsibilities you place in the team at CVA, it will be done. And it will be done efficiently, correctly and with a smile.

The CVA team members work for you to ensure your business never has to miss a beat because of absence, illness or incompetence. The range of skills afforded to you will allow you to handle the aspects of your business that you WANT to handle. Leave the rest to us.

And if you need some sick time, take it. We got this. You just work on feeling better.

Posted on January 19th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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