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Nickel and Diming Me to Pieces

I just gave my telephone bill a good once over. Holy Cow! It sure adds up when all you want is a phone on the wall.

I’m not talking about additional fees for long distance, or high speed or digital either. Just a phone; something to give me the peace of mind that comes with having a way to reach 911 services. Until I no longer have my children living at home, I will continue to pay the ridiculous cost just to have a phone in the house. When the kids move out, my husband and I will join the ranks of many that have decided to get rid of the land line and operate with cellular devices only. Until then, I will suck it up and pay for the land line too.

Nearly every service available nowadays has additional fees attached to it. Some of those fees are your choice, some are not. Either way, rarely do we see or hear of a service or item with a completely inclusive price.

Want to go out for that nice dinner for two you saw advertised for $59.95?
· Tax and gratuity not included.

Taking the family to that ever popular theme park that costs $89 bucks (tax not included)  a pop to get in?

· Be ready to drop another $50 dollars for a meal for everyone.

Come on, if I’m paying nearly a hundred dollars to walk thru a turnstile, at least throw a burger my way when lunchtime rolls around.

OH! Heres one!! You’ve just made reservations at the “all inclusive” resort in the Bahamas. You think?

· Adult beverages not included (so much for the Pina Coladas on the beach at sunset)
· Those nice jet skis parked at the pier are resort property. For a fee you can play too.
· You want to have breakfast in bed? Sorry, package only includes the buffet downstairs.

Now I’m going to share with you some information of a service that is absolutely, 100% inclusive. No added fees. No surprises.

Yes, unlike the Unicorn or Leprechauns, all inclusive DOES exist.

At Contemporary Virtual Assistance, we are a Virtual AssistanceFirm that can handle all sorts of business needs. Your agreement with us includes any and all tasks available to the pricing package you select. When you sign on for a pricing package, you pay for the time spent on your behalf, not the services rendered. No added fees. No surprises. No Worries. Check out the pricing plans and see which one best suits your needs.

Once you’re signed up, that’s it. The working relationship has begun. You can be certain your business is in good hands. We believe in quality work and quality value. No nickel and dime surprises. We Promise.

photo credit: fdecomite

Posted on January 21st, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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