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The Big Chill

Jotul wood stove
photo credit: Ken_Mayer

I am cold. Flat out chilled to the bone.

What really annoys me about this is I am in Florida. Come on! My thermometer has no business reading numbers in the twenties and teens. I don’t care if it is January. This is a tropical state for crying out loud. What’s going on?

I know, the folks north of us have it a whole lot worse, but you know what? When you live in Buffalo, New York, you expect some winter weather. It comes with the territory. And that’s all I have to say about that.

The Little Beast in the Living Room

One thing that has been entertaining me during this cold weather is keeping the woodstove fired up. I love it!! That little beast in the living room certainly puts out some heat. I constantly challenge myself to see how big of a ‘spread’ I can get between the outdoor temperature and the indoor temperature.

So far my record is slightly over 40 degrees difference. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

My husband has aged dramatically since the cold snap, as he worries about me burning down the neighborhood in my quest for the ultimate rush I get from the knowledge that it isn’t costing a dime to heat our home.

Most folks just roll their eyes at me when I excitedly yammer on about the woodstove. Especially folks down here in Florida.

Their first question is “Don’t you have heat?” To which I respond, “Yes, but why shovel out money to the utility company when the woodstove does just as good a job?” (Followed by an animated discussion about the ‘temperature spread’). I have learned to live with the eye rolls.

I don’t consider myself cheap

Perhaps frugal. Definitely sensible and cost conscious. Nowadays everyone is looking at viable ways to get more bang for their buck.

I think it is no coincidence my employer shares the same insight. At Contemporary Virtual Assistance we believe in you getting the most out of your money. Why would you want to pay several people to help you with your business when you can utilize the staff of many for the cost of one?

Or better yet, free up some time for yourself as you place some of your duties in the knowledgeable and capable hands of CVA team members.

We work from our toasty warm homes handling a wide range of your business needs from billing and invoicing to online marketing and website maintenance. And everything in between.

So if you have a fireplace or a woodstove in your home, fire it up and appreciate the sensible, cost conscious heat radiating throughout the room. Your business is in good hands with CVA, another sensible, cost conscious move.

Posted on January 14th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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