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Business Challenges vs. Personal Challenges

One of my girlfriends told me the other day that I’m weird because I don’t, nor have I, ever desired an automatic dishwasher in my home. I’m one of those odd anomalies that actually enjoy standing at the sink daydreaming out the kitchen window while I wash dishes.

Sometimes things get piled up in both sides of the double sink and along the counter nearby. I look at the mountain of dirty dishes, pots and pans, and glassware and begin to format my plan of attack.

The ultimate goal?

Is taking all the stuff that needs to be washed and making all of it fit in the small dish drainer I have to the left of my sink. Let the games begin.

I take it as a personal challenge to fit 4 plates, four bowls, four sets of knives, forks and spoons, four glasses, big pots, small pots, measuring cups, mixing bowls, butcher knives and serving spoons into the small 12 inch x 24 inch drainer with a clearance of about 2 feet to the bottom of the cabinet above it.

I call it art; created by the closet engineer living inside of me.

I’m not going to lie and tell you there has never been a resounding crash as my ‘clean dishes sculpture’ comes tumbling down. This is how we learn.

After our lengthy exchange back and forth of her telling me how weird I am and later confessing to doing the same approach when loading her dishwasher, it got me wondering if those small challenges have anything to do with how we manage our work responsibilities .

I think it does.

There are several types of ways folks approach their job responsibilities.

• Some jump in with carefree abandon and enjoy learning new things.
• Some function amid a sea of organized clutter that most would flee from.
• Some get through the day by issuing individual goals and challenges to themselves.
• Some are mega micromanagers, telling everyone what to do and then hovering as it gets done.
• Some are do-it yourselfers that end up with a big ulcer because they aren’t comfortable with delegating.
• Some are great at leading others and giving clear instructions that communicate the task at hand.
• And of course let’s not forget the highly organized worker with a neat as a pin work area with everything in its assigned   spot.

The common denominator in all these different work personalities is results. Each one of them has an ingrained desire to see the finished product of what was originally envisioned; each of them bringing specific skills to the table to assist your business with productivity and cost management .

That’s what I like about the team I work with at Contemporary Virtual Assistance. I think that’s what you will like too. We have a compatible team member for all business types. As you well know, a working personality is just as much of a factor as a personal personality when dealing with your staff.

The skills and services we offer can all be individually tailored to fit your business needs and give you the finished product you envision.

And every single one of us sets our goals and challenges to meet your vision. So what will your next kitchen sculpture be? And where?

photo credit: skyseeker

Posted on February 9th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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