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Once you hit a certain age, most of us have had a variety of different jobs throughout the course of our employed years. And more often than not, unless you stand at a conveyer belt and do the same repetitious thing all day long, whatever job you’re doing requires several different skills.

Take restaurant work for example. Sure, there is a definite job description of server, cook, dishwasher etc, but having most of my experience in the food service industry, I can’t recall one staff member that didn’t dabble in other areas of the whole shebang.

Many times a server was back in the kitchen throwing together a salad or putting fresh rolls in the oven to warm. If it was a really crazy day, the dishwasher would come out and help the server clear tables. The main motivation of everyone on staff was to ensure the guests had a good quality dining experience.

How about office work? Many times if the secretary that usually answered the phone was unavailable, it was not uncommon for a laborer within range of the ringing phone to pick up the phone when it rang. Generally a “Hello, please hold” was all they had to do to keep the caller happy. Granted those guys didn’t want to sit there at the desk all day long, but they were more than willing to “cover the phone” to allow a quick potty break for the secretary.

I guess the point I’m meandering towards is to talk about one of my pet peeves.

It’s not my job.

Nothing gets my goat more than those four little words. When I wore the manager hat, saying those words within earshot would most definitely guarantee I would have something to say to you; and trust me; it would be a long time before those words were uttered in my presence again.

Sure, I understand a circumstance may arise that someone is just not qualified to deal with. In that case, take a moment to help put the right qualified individual in the situation. Do people just not understand the concept of customer service and job loyalty?

Where has the breakdown come from? Is it a generational issue? Is it a training issue?

Even though I am no longer a member of the corporate work force, I can’t help but notice the breakdown within the workforce. Apathy, disinterest, and complete laziness seem rampant.

Next time you are in a big box store, pretend you don’t know which aisle something is located in. See if the worker actually escorts you to the area or haphazardly waves their hand in the general direction as they mumble “three aisles over”.

When you are out for a meal, take notice of the staff. Do they seem alert to the whole dining room or are they oblivious to everyone around them? What happens if a jar of pickles falls and breaks in the condiment aisle of the grocery store? I can remember way back when, that as soon as the crash of something breaking was heard, it was immediately followed with “clean up in aisle seven! “. And someone was Johnny on the spot to clean up the mess.

Now when something breaks, it’s not unusual for several employees to walk right by the mess. They see it, but keep right on walking. True story. I’ve seen this with my own eyes.

Not my job. Sigh.

I’m here to tell you today, customer service and quality service is not completely dead. There are still a few companies out there with the kind of work ethic I remember. Contemporary Virtual Assistance is one of those companies. Customer satisfaction is the goal of every member on the team. What needs to be done to meet client expectations is done.

Not my job. The staff at Contemporary VA doesn’t know the meaning of those words. Whether it is a big undertaking to build your business or a small undertaking to maintain and grow your business, the task will be treated with the dedication and professionalism every client should expect. From Virtual Assistants to Project managers, we have the right staff for you. Value. Service. Quality. Professionalism.

It is my job.

photo credit: solarisgirl 

Posted on February 23rd, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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