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Structure. Sometimes We Need Assistance

I had a moment this past weekend that made me feel like the world’s worst mom. My daughter takes Ballet lessons, and her class is doing a special presentation for an upcoming local festival. Because of this special presentation, additional rehearsal and practice times have been scheduled.

I forgot to take her to practice this past Saturday at 10am.

When I realized my error, I immediately sent a guilt ridden, self abasing apology to her instructor. When my daughter came home from school, I gave her the same apology.

A few days later, still beating myself up about the whole situation, some other women and I got to chatting about how sometimes we just get so overloaded with LIFE, our brain has to subconsciously tell us to slow down. It can be a real eye opener when that happens.

Multi tasking used to be second nature to me. I could have 17 different things going on at once and be able to jump right in to any of them without missing a beat. Now I need to take a minute, clear the clutter out of my head and re focus before moving on to whatever it is that I want to do next.

This brings me to the point where I share my epiphany with you.

Structure is good.

When I began working from home, I failed to recognize the importance of a strong foundation to support my work habits. (Whoo Hoo! I can polish my nails while I read this proposal!) Not Good.

From the moment of our birth, structure is a major component in developing the sort of toddler we will be. From there, the amount of structure in our life will dictate how well we adjust to going to school and interacting with others in a structured environment. As we reach our teen years, structure will make life a whole lot easier on the parents as the added excitement of hormones and rebellion comes into play.

And then we grow up.

Unless you are one of the few that has a career as a gypsy, no matter where you work there is structure:

· Scheduled work time
· Clear Responsibilities
· Efficiency and Time Management
· Protocol guidelines
· Recommended work habits

If you fail to follow these guidelines, perhaps you should look into the gypsy career…

Even owning your own company doesn’t necessarily exclude you from the need for structure. If anything, it becomes more important because of the personal and financial investment you have put into your company.

Sometimes though, there just isn’t enough time in the day. When things really get rolling with your business, you will discover how fast your clock really moves. Things begin to pile up, forgetfulness is frequent, and mistakes are made. Pay attention, this is your brain subconsciously telling you to check out your support system.

Do you have to do it all? No.
Does it have to cost a fortune for help? No
Can you decide what you receive help on? Yes
Will you have the final say on everything related to your business? Yes

Let the team at Contemporary Virtual Assistance give you the support and structure you need. Our services will allow you to focus on the aspects of managing your business that you choose to manage. The Virtual Assistants assigned to you and your business will put forth the time and skills needed to bring you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have made a wise decision that didn’t cost a fortune.

Have you ever had one of those days where you wished there were two of you?

Now there can be.

photo credit: izzatFulkrum

Posted on February 18th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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