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I work with these Guys.
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Ok, so by now you have probably figured out what my occupation is. For those of you that didn’t pick up on the clues, I am a Virtual Assistant. This has been a bit of a career change for me, and during the course of this occupation I have come to realize something about myself.

I don’t need to be afraid of new things.

I came into this job with limited computer skills. Well, limited by my standards. I used to say my talent ranged from checking my email to playing solitaire. Sure, I had a smattering of other knowledge of ‘computery’ things but nothing I felt comfortable bragging about.

I have gotten pretty comfortable accepting challenges as they are thrown my way. Just a year ago I would have said no way to even trying to learn how to build a website. But you know what? When you have someone with a lot of patience and some serious smarts, anything is possible. Communication from my supervisors has built my confidence and reinforced the knowledge I didn’t even realize I had.

Whenever I get a task that’s new to me and I have to get acquainted with the procedure, the sense of accomplishment once I get my feel for it is amazing. Hence the title of this post; Virtual Assistant Machine. Oh yeah… I’m a machine. Whoop Whoop!!

I have written blogs for new businesses and helped build their search engine rankings, sometimes landing them on the front page. Setting up social media marketing accounts and building those profiles is such a rush! Little things that any business needs to succeed this day and age. Time consuming little buggers that they are, still very important. We perform work to free up the business owners time to focus on other matters.

And I like the feeling of knowing I am making a difference in someone’s business success.

We build relationships with our clients at Contemporary Virtual Assistance. I always look forward to my bi-monthly conversations with one of our clients as we review her calendar for the upcoming weeks and make sure all appointments in both her personal and professional world are plugged in. Such a wonderful, fun lady with an extremely busy schedule. I’m glad to help her with her time management and sometimes take a few things off her hands, making her life a little easier.

I recall one conversation, we were on a Sunday of a particular month, and she said,” I think I want to go to church. I haven’t been in a while.” She told me it church started at 11am, so I commented I would block off till 12:30. She says “oh no, honey, with my church, we sometimes keep things rolling till 2 o’clock!” Well, as a country Baptist girl, I was flabbergasted. Our conversation veered away from the calendar for a few minutes as she laughed and gave me a great play by play of a typical Sunday service at her church. I blocked her calendar off from 11 till 3 for services and wished I was joining her.

It’s moments like those that create a unique relationship between us and our clients. It’s my favorite part of the job, meeting folks from all over the country; building friendships and interacting with them virtually, as if we are in the same room.

Oh, and mastering new skills too.

Posted on February 25th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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