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Understanding our Virtual Assistance Service Plans: Silver Plan

Productivity Pam is back with my HUGE series on what we do at CVA. Sometimes I get a question from people about what our services are. Yeah, we have a chart over at our Administrative Services page, but some people prefer a couple of paragraphs.

So for the next few blog posts, I’m going to talk about our various plans and offerings.

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About our structure – Who does what?

It’s Productivity Pam again. Pulling back the curtain and talking about the details of how CVA works. I’m reaching into the mailbag (who uses a mailbag anyway?) and pulling out this question: “Who does what?”

Oh wow! This is a huge question and I don’t even know if I can make sense of it. Let’s start from the ground up:

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What can a ContemporaryVA Virtual Assistant do… or not do?

Hello again! It’s Productivity Pam with a series on the nuts and bolts of Contemporary VA and how we work.

“A common question we get is: “What can a ContemporaryVA Virtual Assistant do… or not do?” Good question! And the answer: Most times, it depends on your VA.

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How is your firm different from the many virtual assistant firms out there?

Hello, faithful reader! It’ Productivity Pam and this is part of a series on ContemporayVA and how we work.

There are lots of virtual assistants out there – some with firms; some independent – and sometimes people ask us how we’re different. It’s a fair question and we’re open enough to admit that there are cheaper VA’s out there. However, there are more expensive ones out there, too, and CVA is the answer that many entrepreneurs are looking for – good value delivery from well-trained VA’s.

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Why was CVA created?

Productivity Pam here again, doing my blog series on how CVA works. In today’s blog post I’m going to talk about the very beginning! How was CVA created is always a very cool question, with a very cool story. It is long, so I will summarize:

Contemporary Virtual Assistance (CVA) developed into it’s own organization, after being a small division of a company called IAC Professionals, a bookkeeping and accounting firm. The owners of IAC Professionals had used Virtual Assistants in the past and ran into a world of problems. They reported the following issues that they encountered:

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Who is Productivity Pam & Introduction to Series

“WHO is Productivity Pam?” Our team gets asked that question all the time. Well, the answer is pretty simple, actually: My name is Pam and I work closely with the executive division to analyze productivity levels and help come up with operational procedures that ensure a productive atmosphere and productive processes.

“But you aren’t on the website”, people say. In fact, even some of our VA’s have said: “I’ve never talked to Pam”. Well, that’s the way we like it. My entire job is to work hand-in-hand with the director of the organization and ensure that Contemporary VA is productive, whether it be through process implementation, distribution of materials, or aiding in project executions.

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