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My Inner Virtual Assistant was stuck in a different Hat

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Now that the hustle and bustle of the corporate world is behind me, my view of running a business is more evened out than ever before. As a business owner, I saw things from that perspective. Before I had my own business, I saw it from strictly a client’s view. Tasting the best (and worst) of both worlds has been a great benefit when it comes to assisting others with their business tasks.

I spend my days tending to various business needs of others; wearing one of their hats and helping them with some of the tasks necessary to help their business grow and prosper. Constantly wearing my own ‘manager of the household’ hat, sometimes I overlap the two personalities.

When wearing the Virtual Assistant hat, part of the job is applying the mantra “What would my client do?” “How will their clients react to what I am doing?” The importance of being able to assimilate to the client is crucial because of the responsibility associated with someone’s livelihood. When wearing the mom/manager of the household hat, not much thinking is necessary. I know my family, they know me, and a lot of brain power is generally not needed.

Recently I decided to apply some of my ‘promotion skills’ while wearing my manager of the household hat. A family vehicle of ours needs some under the hood attention and it doesn’t look like my hubby is going to have a chance to tend to it anytime soon. After some emotional conflict about abandoning one of my favorite automobiles, a decision was made to place an ad on the local Craig’s List.

The virtual assistant hat was donned.

After slipping out of mom mode, the virtual assistant inside of me took over.

Research had been done, notes made, information gathered and verified. I was ready; time to write the advertisement.

It only took a few moments to fill out the proper form with all the relevant information. Fingers were flying over the keyboard, humor was alive and well and the finished product left me quite satisfied that this would be a productive ad.

Send. Click.

Fast forward to the next morning.

Seven responses in the inbox. Seven!! Wow! A smug smile appears…Job well done.

Or so I thought.

Apparently the engine information and features of the vehicle are irrelevant when one fails to mention the year, make and mileage. Duh.

Attention to detail and respect for the privilege to be of service, the very thing that motivates when doing work for a client, somehow was stuck in my manager of the household hat. Checking, double checking and then one more check for good measure is a fine rule to follow no matter which hat is worn.

One of the seven responders is now the proud owner of my slightly ill automobile; yep the ad had some strength regardless. However, I did learn an important lesson.

Wearing more than one hat at the same time is important.

photo credit: quinn.anya
Posted on March 18th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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