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The Virtual Assistant and a Date with Grandpa

Becca chose another path

It’s funny how we all seem to have certain things in our lives that are routine. Same old same old, sometimes everyday of the week; sometimes only a few days of the week.

For the most part, I tend to be a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kind of gal. Having nothing written in stone on my calendar allows me to be ready for whatever may come my way. I am enjoying this luxury in my life. Back when I had my own business, it seemed like every minute of the day was written in pen on my calendar. Looking back, I realize I missed out on a lot of things that probably would have been pretty fun.

Now things are different; and I like it. A lot.

No more corporate aggravation. No more missing out. No more nonexistent social life.

I’m working from home as a virtual assistant. For the first time ever, I can be true to my ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ nature.

I have only one thing written in stone these days. Every Sunday, my Grandfather and I have a standing lunch date. Our date always starts out with the same conversation “Where do you want to eat today?”

Every other Sunday, my daughters join us for lunch. This poses a bit of a challenge when selecting our restaurant choice. They’re tastes of what’s good is totally opposite of Grandpas tastes. This limits our selection down to maybe three options and extends our decision making process considerably. Sigh.

Recently, it was just Grandpa and I on our date. I was feeling a little adventurous, so when the question was asked “where do you want to go?” I replied “Why don’t we give IHOP a try?”.

Grandpa’s response was immediate. “I don’t want pancakes.”

First let me explain something. My Grandfather is most definitely a creature of habit. I suppose his 85 years on this rock has entitled him to that.

Hence my feelings for a little adventure. I was suggesting a place he had never been and my big challenge was convincing Grandpa to give it a try. Trust me, challenge is putting it loosely.

It took me nearly a half hour to explain to him that just because the name of the place had pancakes in it, didn’t mean that all they served was pancakes. I made comparisons to other restaurants of a similar nature, specifically named menu items, and even painted a mouth watering verbal picture of some of his favorite foods.

Of course I included the reasonable prices in my argument. That’s always a good motivator for him.

Well, after a frustrating and rather tiring conversation on par with the closing arguments in high profile legal proceedings, he finally agreed to give it a try.

We went to IHOP.
He had pancakes.

photo credit: ewige

Posted on March 9th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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