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Understanding our Virtual Assistance Service Plans: Silver Plan

Productivity Pam is back with my HUGE series on what we do at CVA. Sometimes I get a question from people about what our services are. Yeah, we have a chart over at our Administrative Services page, but some people prefer a couple of paragraphs.

So for the next few blog posts, I’m going to talk about our various plans and offerings.

First up, the Silver Plan!

Let me give you a little scenario first: Let’s say that you’re an entrepreneur who runs an ebusiness that sells hammers. Yep, “Hammers-R-Us”. You don’t need a VA who does work every single day, but you need someone to help you do a few different “one-off” projects from time to time. One day you need some research on hammers throughout history. Or another time you want a list of all the hammer stores in Iowa. And still later you need to order a gift basket of nails for your favorite hammer customer. These are important projects, but they can be time consuming. So you pass them off to CVA to do them for you. If these one-off, self-contained projects are the kind that you typically have, then the silver plan is right for you:

Here is more info for you:

Who it’s perfect for: This plan is great for businesses with “one-off” projects. Sometimes you might have 3 projects; sometimes you might have one; and there are long stretches when you don’t have any. In addition, these projects are usually self-contained, one-time project; not ongoing. One type of client that this project is good for is a concierge. That’s because the Silver plan is a prepaid plan where you can buy administrative service in blocks of 5 hours. Those hours don’t expire and you just use them as you need them.

How it works: You use our VA dashboard to submit a ticket with the details of your project. A project manager reviews your ticket and assigns it to the virtual assistant who is most qualified and is available to do the job.

Why you might like it: While you don’t get a dedicated assistant and there are no rush jobs, you do get other benefits: There are no commitments or surprises or contractual obligations. Just buy your time and use it as you need it until it is done.

Learn more about it at:

Posted on March 31st, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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