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Virtual Damage Control

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I think it is safe to say that practically everyone is familiar with the term damage control; whether it is a car manufacturer that is scrambling to correct a dangerous defect, a company with an advertisement that offended a particular group of people, or even a spouse that came walking through the front door with a fresh bouquet of roses.

Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are poor judgment, sometimes they are the result of trying to do too many things at once and details are overlooked. Regardless, mistakes happen and matters must be taken to correct the faux pas.

Looking at the situation loosely, in a way, being proactive in client relations is a form of damage control. An umbrella policy for a possible moment when human error causes a client to second guess the relationship. Foreseeing client’s needs and going above the expected lines of service will make the transitions through inevitable rough patches a little bit smoother.

One of my duties recently as a Virtual Assistant has been putting together a press release for a client. Our company will then take the press release and circulate it among the online media circuit. This is by no means a document intended for damage control circumstances, it falls more in the category of our client being proactive. Creating an image; an online presence their clients can relate to; relationships in their infancy.

Another proactive approach one of our clients uses is sending small tokens to their clients. Sometimes it is a specific book to help them with an event in their life, sometimes it is a simple flower arrangement to say thank you for their business. This too is something a virtual assistant comes in handy for.

Adding personal touches and building business relationships that go beyond vendor and client can be quite time consuming to do successfully. It is one of the finer points of business that seems to be falling by the wayside now a days.

It’s a really great feeling knowing that our clients have the confidence in us to trust us with assisting them in building their own business relationships.

And it’s nice to know they would come to us if they need help rectifying a ‘carbon based error’. We can draft and send corrective and apologetic letters, order flowers or a fruit basket to be delivered or whatever else our client feels necessary to continue their business relationship; in other words, damage control.

photo credit: ClicPhoto Studio

Posted on March 16th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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