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Virtually Old Fashioned

Like a lot of people I know, I have reconnected with some old friends on facebook. One of those friends and I go way back, as far back as fourth grade. We went to one of those rural schools that had all grades from kindergarten through 12th grade under one roof. So basically we grew up together. Somewhere along the line we grew apart and didn’t really hang out together after 9th grade.

Facebook brought us back together and we have picked up right where we left off in high school. Amazingly, even though we didn’t stay in touch for the past 20 some odd years, our characteristics and parenting styles are as similar as they could possibly be without us being actually related.

Well, with the exception of one thing. I’m not even sure what to call it.

She prefers the modern conveniences of garbage disposals; I’m more of a compost sort of gal. (Well, more like flinging vegetable peels and stale pretzels out the back door for the raccoons.)

She would be lost without her front loading super energy efficient dryer. I hang my laundry on the clothes line outside.

She lives in the suburbs, in a community with manicured lawns and neighbors close by. I live in the country with cats, dogs and ducks running around willy nilly.

She buys her eggs at the grocery store. I go out each morning and gather the eggs my ducks have laid.

Central heat is how her family heats their home. Our family has a woodstove and fireplace. Our furnace isn’t even hooked up.

She challenges herself to cram as much as possible in the automatic dishwasher, I challenge myself to stack everything in a small dish drainer after washing dishes by hand.

The last day of my friend and her two children visiting, I was outside putting some laundry on the clothesline. Her teenage daughter comes over and says, “This is so neat. I wish we did things old fashioned like you do.” Followed by, “hey, you should get one of those washboard thingys.” I informed her that I draw the line at that one.

It cracked me up. Old fashioned? I can’t stop laughing.

It made me realize how each generation has such a different degree of technology. I remember my parents talking about never having the ‘conveniences’ us kids had. They remember their parents saying the same thing.

Sort of makes one wonder what sort of things are going to be considered old fashioned when my children are adults and their children are into the latest gadgets.

Will the virtual means of communicationand interaction be obsolete? Perhaps everyone will be walking around with some sort of contraption on their head to talk to each other using telepathy.

Will our computers be as thin as a sheet of paper and powered by the sun?

Will businesses no longer have storefronts and operate 100% online?

Will company employees do all of their work from home on one of those paper thin computers?

It’s coming. The virtual age. Today’s modern technology will be considered ‘Old fashioned”.

Are you ready to go virtual?

Posted on March 2nd, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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Kimmer says:

very true very true,,,guess I am a bit old fashioned too however I do love my front loader dryer and all its’ bells and whistles and tv? who could do without Jack Bower? Keep up the great writing, lovin it

Posted: March 2, 2010 @ 8:59 pm

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