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What can a ContemporaryVA Virtual Assistant do… or not do?

Hello again! It’s Productivity Pam with a series on the nuts and bolts of Contemporary VA and how we work.

“A common question we get is: “What can a ContemporaryVA Virtual Assistant do… or not do?” Good question! And the answer: Most times, it depends on your VA.

When you first sign on with us, we take the time to understand what types of things you will need from your VA, we well as other key components that might factor into the situation. Then we match you with the VA we feel is the best fit for you.

Some things you should plan on telling us:

Question: What time zone are you in and do you have a preference to when a VA does their work?
Reason: We are in EST and we operate 9am to 5pm EST. However, some of our staff do not mind (and some prefer) to work earlier or later hours and we can match you with the right one for you.

Question: What skills do you need the VA to have?
Reason: Not all VA’s have the same skills. While all VA’s have a general base knowledge, some VA’s are stronger in some aspects than other. For example, we have a few VA’s that love cold calling while others dislike it; we have a few VA’s that have very advanced skills in 1ShoppingCart while others have more basic skills; we have a few VA’s that are great creative writers while others feel they have no creativity. It all depends on what you need. We’ll match you up with the best fit.

Question: Are you a micro or macro manager? Do you prefer to have constant communication with your VA or only as needed?
Reason: People work in different ways. If we know that you want to give a bit of direction and leave the details to the VA, we’ll match you up with a VA who is a self-starting go-getter. If you prefer to give all the details and leave the execution up to the VA, we’ll match you with someone who works better with that kind of direction.

There are some other questions that may come up as well, but when we place you with a VA, we are sure that she has the skills, experience and demeanor needed to complete your job(s).

However, there are some things our VA’s cannot do:

  • PHP/Ruby/Rails/CSS work – our VA’s have basic HTML knowledge (and some may have a bit more advanced html knowledge), but none of them are web developers. However, we do have a web development team at your disposal?.
  • Graphic Design work – our VA’s may be able to resize, and cut some images for you, but creating a logo or custom twitter background won’t likely yield excellent results. However, we do have a graphic design team at your disposal.
  • Marketing plan creation – our VA’s normally don’t know what goes into making a marketing plan, although they are very good at carrying out aspects to your marketing plan and will work with your Public Relations Specialist or Chief of Marketing to do the plan execution as instructed. However, we do have a consultant on staff that specializes in Marketing, Branding and Social Media.

If you ever have any doubts, contact your project manager, the benefit of working with CVA is we have a huge team, with tons of skills at your disposal.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog, About our structure – who does what?

Posted on March 26th, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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