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Why was CVA created?

Productivity Pam here again, doing my blog series on how CVA works. In today’s blog post I’m going to talk about the very beginning! How was CVA created is always a very cool question, with a very cool story. It is long, so I will summarize:

Contemporary Virtual Assistance (CVA) developed into it’s own organization, after being a small division of a company called IAC Professionals, a bookkeeping and accounting firm. The owners of IAC Professionals had used Virtual Assistants in the past and ran into a world of problems. They reported the following issues that they encountered:

  • VA’s “disappearing” mid-project
  • VA’s quitting with no notice
  • VA’s having unexplained or unplanned emergencies (of course what emergencies are not unplanned?) that left work undone
  • VA’s not having the skills that the stated they had
  • VA’s not being well organized or self starters
  • VA’s asking too many questions or not enough questions
  • VA’s needing to be micro managed
  • VA’s who took frequent personal leave and could not be depended on

It frustrated the owners to no end: They did not have the funds to pay for $30 – $60/hr VA’s that had their growing businesses and were experts in web design, html, marketing etc. All that IAC Professionals wanted was a VA that was a self starter, had general administrative skills, and had a general understanding of web technologies so if they did not know how to do something they could use the vast web to find out (I think there is an instructional video for everything on YouTube).

The owners began a VA training program, at no cost. It worked something like this: If you were interested in becoming a VA, they would train you in everything they needed you to know (to be able to work for them) at no cost to you. Once you were done training, they would begin compensating you for your work. However, you had to work with a partner, which was another VA they had trained and selected. Together, the two VA’s would split the work and cover each other.

This method worked amazingly and it grew, within a year there were a team of 10 VA’s, all trained in all aspects of the work:

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Preparing the Tax Return files for the their Accountants
  • Loading their newsletter into Aweber
  • Writing & Distributing Articles
  • Sorting & Organizing Email
  • Maintaining Appointment Calendar and Outlook PST Files
  • (and plenty more)

IAC Professionals began to offer this administrative service as an add-on to their Bookkeeping & Accounting clients.

Four years later, IAC Professionals had a team of 35 VA’s and managers for those VA’s – and over 200 VA clients. The Administrative division had a larger headcount than the Accounting division. They decided to separate off and become Contemporary VA… or “CVA” for short.

Today, CVA has a team of approximately 50 individuals who are made up of: A General Manager, Project Managers, System Administrators, Sales Divisions, Customer Satisfaction Associates, Dedicated Virtual Assistants, Apprentice Virtual Assistants, Project Virtual Assistants, Writers, Paralegals, Web Developers & Designers, and more.

Posted on March 22nd, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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