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Until I became a virtual assistant, I was old school when it came to marketing and promoting. Back when I had my own business, the computer and internet was basically used as an electronic encyclopedia, a place to store business records and figures, a way to send email back and forth with friends and family, and the occasional game of solitaire.

If I wanted anyone to know about my business, I had to constantly wait for the right moment in a conversation to make my ‘plug’. It just wasn’t, and still isn’t, acceptable to walk up to a complete stranger and say “Hi, let me tell you about my business“.

There was the formality of small talk, finding a common interest and then skillfully and subtly working your mini commercial into the conversation; a fine art that required a lot of finesse.

Or, I had to place an advertisement in the local periodicals and hope the ad inspired the reader to come on in.

Television was another way to reach potential clients, but who had that kind of money? Certainly not me; a sole proprietor of a little business.

Now, any size business, large or small, can reach hundreds of thousands of people right from the comfort of their computer. And when they’ve got a virtual assistant putting in the hours and getting the results, those reaches come at a fraction of the cost of mainstream media advertising.

I’m talking about the social network marketing movement that is sweeping the internet. While the client is doing the one- on- one plugging of their business, the virtual assistant is behind the scenes building customer relationships, tweeting , blogging and facebooking the heck out of the clients business.

Friends and associates from all over the world now know what’s going on with my clients business. Their business has grown exponentially from the magical use of social network marketing.

And this old schooler helps make it happen.

Posted on April 28th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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