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The Virtual Assistant and the Rock Wall

Accepting challenges and learning new things is a big part of what being a virtual assistant is all about.
I try to remind myself how I do those things on an everyday basis with my job so why not give it a shot in my personal life?

The county fair was in town last week. Right smack in the middle of all the festivities was a huge towering heavy duty plastic wall with 5 sides, about 40 feet tall, with itty bitty little knobs sticking out along the surface.

The object of this contraption is to strap yourself into the safety harness and scale the wall all the way to the top and whack a big red button to hear the rewarding sound of a really loud horn blowing to announce your accomplishment.

I stood below, looking up at that big red button trying to psych myself up to the task. Come on, I silently think, how bad can it be? There is a safety harness. Dignity? Is that the issue? Never used to be. Sure, there is a little bit more weight to haul up there than there was a few years ago, but come on. Let’s give it a go.

Meanwhile, as I stood below procrastinating, my 12 year old daughter had suited up and was already three quarters of the way to the top of the really difficult section that offered a $50 prize to anyone who made it in two minutes or less.

As the crowd cheered her on, she made it to the top with plenty of time to spare. She hit the button and floated on down to receive her prize.

I never did give it a go.

Looking back, I’m quite annoyed at myself for not even trying. Since becoming a virtual assistant I have tried and learned so many new and exciting things it makes absolutely no sense why I can’t apply the same enthusiastic response to my fun time.

Placing myself in the shoes of my clients and handling their business needs is one of the most exciting jobs I have ever had. Each day brings something different and fresh. Whether it is lining up some Orchestra tickets in another state, making important phone calls on my client’s behalf or finding out statistics of our Veteran Soldiers, I never know what is around the next corner.

Waking up every day and being ready to step in and do whatever is needed to help their business grow and prosper is pretty adventurous.
I should have tried to climb the wall.

Posted on April 19th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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