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The Virtual Team Steps In

The other day at the gym, I noticed the owner off to one side looking rather worn out. This person is the sort of fit I strive for with toned muscles, glowing complexion and a whole lot of energy. It was troubling to see the exhaustion and stress so visible on this person who usually looked like a walking advertisement for the gym industry.

So I ran my fingers through my disheveled hair, focused on trying not to sound like I was on my last breaths and ran a towel over my face as I approached her.

After a few minutes of talking she shared with me how keeping on top of her latest promotion for the gym was taking more time than a day allowed. Along with her normal day to day operational duties, she now had the task of following through with the nearly 40 additional visitors per day that were utilizing her “full day free promotion.”

She had placed a coupon for one full day of use of all the facilities in the newspaper. The promotion is a huge hit and potential new clients are coming through the doors every hour.

As a conscientious business owner, she understands the obligation necessary to add the right personal touches in order for those visitors to become regular patrons. As each one turns in their coupon, they fill out a contact card and the owner has been personally contacting each visitor to get their feedback on their visit.

I asked her why she was handling the follow through all on her own, and her response surprised me. It seems she felt she was the only one with the sincerity and aspiration it required to follow through with the visitors. As she put it, “I have a great staff and they each do their assigned job really well, but if anything different comes their way, I have to stand over their shoulder anyways, so I might as well do it myself”.

Oh how many times I have heard that story! This was a great opportunity for me to fill her in on how a virtual assistant can be a huge help to her and she wouldn’t have to stand over our shoulders micromanaging.

I told her how all she would have to do is take the information online and forward the contact info to our team. Then our virtual assistants would use the same professional courtesy and sincerity as she to turn those visitors into regular clients.

I explained how communication between the virtual assistants and our clients (her) is ongoing and she would never have to worry how her task was being handled. We document all time spent on her behalf and keep meticulous notes on results and customer interaction.

Already showing signs of relief, we went to her desk attendant and began the process of simplifying the welcoming procedure for visitors.

When I returned for my work out a few days later, the gym owner was there. And she looked great!

photo credit: williamcho

Posted on April 23rd, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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