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Understanding our Virtual Assistance Service Plans: Gold Plan

Hey, it’s Productivity Pam here and I’m talking about the services you can get at ContemporaryVA. Check out the chart over at our Administrative Services page for a comparison, or read my awesome description below.

Today’s topic: The Gold Plan.

Let’s say that you run a flower store. You’ve got a variety of projects that you’d like a virtual assistant to take care of, but the projects aren’t always consistent. Some weeks you’ll only get them to write and upload a newsletter that you send out to all of the people on your email list. Other weeks they will be researching information for your latest hard-hitting report on tiger lilies and promoting your celebrity appearance at a local flower show. You need flexibility and that makes the gold plan the one you probably want.

Here are some more details:

Who it’s perfect for: Businesses with sporadic tasks like this project. For example, if the assignments you need from an assistant are ongoing (i.e., to upload content to a blog once a week, for example) or if they are unpredictable, this is a good plan to use. That’s because the gold plan is a Pay-As-You-Go plan where you pay for the work performed within a billing cycle (with a 10 hours-per-month minimum).

How it works: Depending on the kind of work you have, we will provide you with the best option for you. In some cases, it makes sense to have you submit tickets and our first available, qualified VA will do the work. But in other circumstances, we might assign you a VA to do the work and you can work with a dedicated assistant. It really depends on what your tasks are like.

Why you might like it: Clients tell us that they love this one for its flexibility. It can scale to your business. There is a contract that requires a 10 hour minimum, but you can increase the workload as much as you need if you find that there are periods in your business year that require more than 10 hours a month of work. This is very scalable to your needs, and the rate is lower than the Silver Plan.

Learn more about it at:

Posted on April 2nd, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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