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Understanding our Virtual Assistance Service Plans: Platinum Plan

Hi! Productivity Pam is back to talk to you about our Administrative Services. Today’s topic: The Platinum Plan.

Let’s say you run the rockingest, rollingest online guitar store in all of North Dakota. You’ve got clients around the world who visit your store to buy the latest in guitar merchandise – from classic guitars to downloadable music sheets and chord charts. You don’t have time because you’re too busy teaching musicians a thing or two so you need to rely on a skilled, dependable, and seemingly ever-present assistant who can help you with all aspects of your business. You get them to regularly blog and upload those blog posts to your site. You write articles and have them submit them to article distribution sites. You write a newsletter that they upload into an autoresponder. You have them doing research, performing basic SEO work, and monitoring your main competitor. They manage leads, provide email support, and even help you with phones sometimes, too.

That’s the Platinum Plan. Here is more information on this plan:

Who it’s perfect for: Businesses with ongoing projects will find this plan the most valuable. For example, if you create content that needs to be uploaded to blogs, article sites, or newsletter publishing platforms, or if you need social media engagement support, this plan could be right for you. In general, when you have open-ended tasks that need to be tackled regularly as well as several projects that you could use help with, this is your plan. This is a retainer plan where you work with CVA to determine your approximate usage each month to accurately estimate a monthly retainer. Retainers start at 20 hours monthly.

How it works: You will work with a dedicated virtual assistant who will become familiar with your business needs. They’ll deliver rush projects if you need them and if there’s a project they can’t handle, they can pass it off to someone who is more qualified. Think of this plan as your very own administrative assistant – but one who just happens to work offsite. Any changes come with a revised statement of work so that everyone is “on the same page” about what you need and can expect from us.”

Why you might like it: There are many benefits to this plan. You get a fully-trained back-up at no extra cost, so if your assistant needs to be away for a while, your support will continue. We’ll also keep an operations manual on your behalf, again at no extra cost, as our support “playbook” and you can take the manual with you if you ever no longer need our services.

Learn more at:

Posted on April 5th, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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