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Virtual Personality — I am the app

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The running joke around my house is the use of the saying “got an app for that?” See, my husband has an I phone and he spends a ridiculous amount of time browsing all the different applications available that are going to make his life simple and wonderful.

Whenever he gets busted for not doing something he had said he would, such as taking out the trash he offered to take out side, I ask him if he was waiting on the app for taking out the trash to become available. Most of the time, he doesn’t find it nearly as humorous as I do.

Or if he has done something particularly impressive, he boasts that he had an app for it.

I know, we need to get out more often.

The other day one of my clients needed me to check out the different restaurants in an area they will be visiting later next month. As I was doing local searches online, it dawned on me. They got an app for that and that app is me.

Another time I was searching airfares. I am the app.

Seems like just about anything you would want to find out or learn, there is an application for; but using an app doesn’t get you the personal touches a real live virtual assistant would. Is an app going to go the extra mile and find out which restaurant offers gluten free menu items? Is an app going to find you the best airfare deal using your sky miles?

What about a reservation at a local spa for a day of absolutely no effort on your part at all? Sure, someone could set something like that up for themselves, but that completely removes the ‘no effort’ on their part. By doing it themselves, they would have to use their app to find the spa, make the reservation and take care of the cost.

A virtual assistant can take the details from the client and make all the arrangements for a completely effortless day of pampering for the client.

Once the virtual assistant takes the reins, all the client has to do is make sure they are at the spa on time. Isn’t that what a spa day is all about?

Businesses need to keep accurate records in order to be the most profitable and efficient. There are apps out there that tell you what was spent and what came in, but can the app contact a customer and give great customer service ?

I am the app.

Maybe someday there will be an app that can coordinate a virtual meeting between business owners and their clientele and also provide documentation and notes from the meeting, but for now, smart business owners know the best way to manage their business is with a virtual assistant.

And I am the app.

photo credit: StudioGabe
Posted on April 26th, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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