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American Idol for Employees?

A worldwide talent shortage is upon us, could a nationwide talent search for qualified employees be in our future? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2035 the US will be faced with a 35 million worker shortage and in 2010 we are already short 10 million qualified workers! Similar estimates show this to be the same throughout Europe and Asia. With unemployment rates so high, how can this be true? It’s all in the word “qualified.”

In 1950 the majority of jobs had no special skill requirements. In 2010 about 70 percent of jobs now require specialized education and training beyond high school. This is one of the principal reasons the world is facing a “jobless” recovery. The skills of many workers no longer match much of the labor market requirements. This shortage of talent applies to virtually every industry and profession; including administrative assistants.

As the world continues to “flatten” and reliance on technology grows, workers need to learn new skills to keep up and companies need to find people who possess these sought-after talents. That’s the advantage of outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant firm. Employers get the benefit of hiring a qualified team of professionals without competing for the talent or hiring the wrong person. In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s no longer enough for administrative staff to know how to prepare letters and answer phone calls. Experience is needed in social networking, managing databases, working with digital graphics, publishing electronic newsletter and an advanced knowledge of new technologies. These skills are in high demand, so outsourcing instead of spending the time (and money!) on searching for a “traditional” administrative assistant is the perfect solution to allow your company to implement new technologies immediately.

As the reliance on technology continues to expand in offices, the role of the office professional has greatly evolved. That’s where CVA comes in. The VA’s at CVA have real-world experience working with companies in a variety of capacities and industries. Some of the many industries the CVA team has experience with include; law firms, non-profits, aerospace companies, medical offices, accounting firms and many others. Educational background is another strength of the team. All of the VA staff have education experience beyond high school with many having a Bachelor or Master’s degree. Additionally, CVA offers ongoing training for the VA’s. Each Friday, the VA’s participate in training events that include everything from Facebook and Twitter marketing to search engine optimization and learning programs like 1Shopping Cart or AWeber. The VA’s also share client success stories and leverage techniques used for one client to help another.

So, in today’s competitive global economy, should you start an American Idol talent search to find the best employee for your team? Or…should you outsource to a specialized team of VA’s who can hit the ground running and implement the latest technologies to make your company a true player in the global marketplace?

photo credit: Neil Barnwell

Posted on May 27th, 2010 by Jennifer Gallagher, General Manager

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