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Going the Extra Mile

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I know, it’s one of those business terms that you are probably sick of hearing, like “thinking outside the box,” “let’s not reinvent the wheel” or “”raise the bar” but sometimes it just fits. Every Friday at CVA we have a VA staff meeting and in addition to the great training we receive, we talk about the importance of providing service that goes beyond our customers’ expectations.

At CVA we don’t think it’s enough to do just what our customers ask, we have a philosophy to always offer more than what a customer asks for and provide a true value-added experience.

Every day when I work with a customer, I take the opportunity to evaluate the task assigned AND see if there is something else I can do to wow the client. For example, I perform social media tasks for a client on a daily basis, with the goal of engaging and increasing followers. The tasks are essentially the same every day and followers are being added incrementally, so I thought perhaps there was a different way of performing the task to increase the results. In consultation with the primary VA on the account, we decided to prepare a social media marketing strategy and present the client with a formal plan of new ideas that we can begin implementing immediately. We didn’t wait for the customer to ask us what to do, we took the initiative to offer ideas and formalize the ideas into a concrete plan of action.

At CVA, all VA’s know that going the extra mile is an expectation of our daily tasks. If we find an error on a customer website, we fix it, if a customer has an emergency outside of business hours, we are there, if we see that a customer is not leveraging their social media – we prepare and present plans to help them grow, if there is a better software to use for their needs, we suggest it, and then we share all of these ideas in our weekly meetings so every client benefits from the knowledge of the team.

How can you go the extra mile?

  • Be accessible – my iPhone travels with me everywhere so even if I’m “off the clock” my clients know they can still reach me if an emergency arises.
  • Brainstorm and present ideas to improve your clients’ business; suggest website enhancements, blog widgets, new marketing ideas, productivity tools, etc.
  • Educate yourself – take the time to truly understand your clients’ business and industry, research their competition, this can be a great source of inspiration.
  • Put clients that complement one another in touch – if you have an IT client and a customer who needs support – it may be a perfect match for both!
  • Offer solutions – if a client requests a task to be performed in a certain manner and you know it will be unproductive and have a better solution – it’s okay to let them know.

VA’s at CVA take time every day to delight our customers, do you?

photo credit: dougtone

Posted on May 13th, 2010 by Jennifer Gallagher, General Manager

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