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I’m on Cloud Nine!

Flying to London from Vienna

This past Saturday was my parent’s 25th Wedding Anniversary party, and they had an AMAZING night!  The past few months, I’ve been planning this party with my three siblings. Being the oldest child – from a previous marriage, (in case you think I’m only 25 – I wish!) most of the responsibilities fell to me.  I’ve never planned an anniversary party before so the only thing I really knew starting out was that I wanted it to be spectacular – but where to begin?

At first I was overwhelmed, designing an invitation, deciding on gifts and favors, food, guest list – how do I do this and make it a special night?  All of a sudden, the light turned on and I realized I do this every day, so I took off my party hat and put on my business suit.  I called upon my VA knowledge and jumped right in.

First up, create an action plan.  All good projects start with a plan of action, whether it’s a social media strategy, marketing plan or planning a party.  So I sat down and envisioned the perfect party; what goals did I want to achieve, what things did I “have to have” and what would make this party unique?  As a VA, I use these skills when I approach any new project with a client, so it was easy for me to create my plan.

I crafted my to do list, organized the tasks and met with my team.  I quickly realized that I could not do everything myself, so it was essential that I had help.  But, I was really nervous.  My two brothers live an hour away and my sister was at college six hours away and I’m a perfectionist!  How could I make sure they were getting things done when I couldn’t see them do it?  Then I realized this is how a new client must feel when starting to work with a Virtual Assistant.  So, I needed to employ the techniques I use with my clients and stay in constant communication.  I made myself available via email, phone, text and Facebook and we even created an online task list.  No worries at all, in fact because of all the communication these past few months, we’ve grown even closer then we were before.

There were a few tasks we weren’t sure about so we called in the expert – my Aunt Andrea.  We used her advice for sourcing the cake and designing the menu.  It’s great to be able to rely on experts when you want something done flawlessly, and I’m lucky to have a great family to help me when I need it.  In my business life, I’m also lucky to have a family to rely on when I need help.  While I may be great at updating a website, designing one is not for me. Luckily, CVA has a website development team, so together we can pull off the perfect website.

The final result was the perfect party.  The weather was amazing, the food delicious, the decorations beautiful, everyone danced and had fun, but most importantly, my parents were thrilled!  They knew about the party but were so surprised with all of the details and said they couldn’t have imagined such a wonderful night.  I’m still on Cloud Nine, it’s always great to make other people happy, which is another reason I love my job as a Virtual Assistant.  Every day I get to work with clients to help them grow their business and exceed their expectationsWhat could be better?

photo credit: markhillary

Posted on May 6th, 2010 by Jennifer Gallagher, General Manager

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