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I recently had one of those days where I spent a lot of time looking back. By that I mean reflecting on decisions, choices and actions of the past that have brought me to where I am in the present. I realized that some of my travels have instilled in me qualities that serve me well in my travels of today.

Different jobs entailed different responsibilities and specific knowledge. One job in particular had the most specific requirements, as deviating from the program could have disastrous results. It was during my tenure as a baker that I became acutely aware of the necessity of precision. This awareness has remained with me throughout each endeavor since.

You see, unlike many activities, when baking, precision and accuracy are vital for achieving a specific end product. If you are mixing the dough for doughnuts and your weight of flour is not in the exact correct proportion to the amount of yeast needed, your efforts will fail. If the temperature during the proofing process (when the dough puffs up before frying) is off by only a few degrees, your efforts will fail. If the humidity in the proof box is not exactly where it needs to be, your efforts will fail. If the frying oil is not at the correct temperature, your efforts will fail.

The whole doughnut making process has a structured timeline that must be followed. Even with the proper measurements, if the dough is not mixed long enough, your efforts will fail. If the proofing process is not timed correctly, your efforts will fail. You get the picture.

Precision and accuracy is what guarantees good “dough”. (Sensible spending, profits)

The same principal can be applied to running a business. A business plan and time management are your ingredients. Marketing is your proofing time. Customer service is your temperature. If you don’t stick to the recipe, your efforts will fail.

The whole team at Contemporary Virtual Assistance understands the value and importance of following the recipe for a successful business. With the supervision of our project manager each detail is tended to according to the desired finished product. Whether it be higher search engine rankings, expanded customer base or even building customer relations; our team can make it happen.

And our clients can relax with a hot coffee and their favorite doughnut while we stick to the recipe.

photo credit: kayakaya
Posted on May 3rd, 2010 by Laura Dennis, Virtual Assistant

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