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As a business owner, coach, freelancer, or entrepreneur, we know that you are busy serving today’s customers while you are also thinking about how you can acquire more customers for tomorrow. You need to do both but spending too much time on one or the other can be costly. There’s a balance (but it’s not always easy to know what that balance is).

In an upcoming free teleconference called “From Full Schedules to Fulfilled: Delegating and VA’s for Business Growth”, Heather & Deborah are going to talk about delegation, why business owners need to use an assistant, and how to use a virtual assistant more effectively. The two of them will be answering your questions and sharing some of their best advice on how to become a master delegator and how to use a VA really effectively‚Ķ and they’ll show you how these elements contribute to your business’s growth.

In order for this teleconference to be really valuable, we want business owners from different kinds of businesses (and at different stages of business growth) to participate. Heather and Deb will share with you some great ideas to use other people to help you grow your business, and you’ll have a chance to ask them questions and pick their brains.

It will be fun, informal, free, and the time you spend on the call will be more than earned back by the new-found delegation skills you’ll learn!

Check out Heather’s blog post over at for more details.

Posted on May 28th, 2010 by Rachel Braam, Office Manager

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